Sunday, April 6, 2014

New Stuff

So I am now dating three people... and everyone still knows about each other. its pretty cool.

I also tried heroin and cocaine since I last posted. both good experiences :-)

different experiences but both good. and the coke totally made me not hungry.... like i made dinner for me and one of the girls im dating and i took two bites and was like i just dont feel like eating and was sooo not hungry. i went like 12 hours without food during the day... like thats normal when most of the time is spent sleeping but i was awake the whole time.
i still have a good amount left too so ill do that again! tastes all chemically though. i kept getting the taste in my mouth and then when i would kiss her she would be like you taste all cokey haha

so i totally dont hide that i date girls when i am out... like i wouldnt flaunt it in front of my family cuz they dont know but ill totally hold hands and make out in public.

food stuff is going ok. havent puked since that pizza. and i have been doing normal exersizing amounts.

i went to my doctor the other day and she upped my zoloft script and then wrote me one for valium to help me sleep at night. i am surrounded in drugs haha like i have heroin, coke, valium and percocet in my house right now. never had this many drugs in my house before.

im 124 right now and 5'5''. its mostly muscle. i keep getting compliments on my muscles.

love you all!! <3 p="">