Monday, June 25, 2012

wisteria lane

i love desperate housewives :-)

im at 117.2 now! 

i really think its this job thats doing wonders :-) making money and losing weight. got to love it

not too much to say really....

tired though... i closed last night and i open this morning. 

love yas <3

Friday, June 22, 2012

From my iPad... So formatting is weird. Depressed skinny mess... I can't find your blog for some reason... Can you put the link in a comment please? No gain no loss. I do welcome back the gap between my legs. Nothing touches. I've been doing lunges and leg lifts which are doing wonders :-) Well I've got to get ready for work soon so I better get going. <3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


i am sooo tired! 
my puppy got spayed yesterday and was up all night... all she wanted to do was jump up on the bed. poor thing isn't allowed for a while. she was whining all night. felt bad for her but man i am soooo tired now! let's hope we sleep better tonight. 

thanks for the idea linny. i'll check that show out. yeah waitressing is good and i think you are right about the whole not sitting down and constantly on the move thing. haven't lost anymore because the in-laws were visiting and are food pushers... but at least im not gaining. oh and i love the money! 

well hubby is going to be home soon and i want to comment and read a few blogs.

love yas!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Just a quick one with random updates

  1. kinda into cutting again... ugh. two new scars and a couple smaller ones
  2. need a hair cut bad! but since we moved havent found anyone
  3. feeling bi-polar lately! yesterday i felt like i was going crazy!! i was all giggles and super fidgety and happy and then like an hour or so later i was crying like the world was going to end. my moods are all messed up lately...
  4. finished watching every episode of law and order svu on netflix! started watching lost yesterday but for some reason it just made me super anxious... the anticipation was making me crazy. i just dont get it lately.
  5. i think today i will steer clear of lost... not sure what to watch. anyone have netflix and ideas? we dont do cable because it is crazy expensive.... 
love you all!! 

Sporadic Posts... Kinda explains life

Well girls.... Life is pretty different now I suppose.

I have lost like 4 pounds in the past two weeks without trying. always makes me happy although confused. the weight is 118.6

I started a new job... I am waitressing now. It's pretty good. Old people seem to love me haha and people with kids. i like it though. pretty good hours. i never go in before like 11! 
and i never eat there which means at least one meal gets skipped

havent been back home in over a month! its weird... 

the dali elephant on my back is getting lonely haha i am thinking of getting another tattoo but dont know what.... i want the theme to be mary poppins since its my favorite movie of all time! 

P90X was fun for a few weeks but i guess i sorta gave up on it... not intentionally or anything just sorta happened. i just do like core exercises and lunges lately since i am on my feet all day at work i dont want to run as much. 

i feel like this post is sorta bland... sorry girls! im in a weird mood i think. 
anyways... grilling tonight! yay!! I already cut up a huge zuchini from the neighbors and i want to figure out how to grill peaches... anyone know how? we have a charcoal grill.... maybe i'll pick up some skewers on my way home... 

anyways. love you all!!!
hope your summers are going spectacularly!!!!!