Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I made it!!

110.8!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a small salad with just lettuce and tomatoes and carrots and a half cup of popcorn popped. I am like so freaking happy!!! :-D

I will be posting pictures tomorrow!!! Stay tuned!!

Stupid Water Weight

Well Girls, it was water weight.. and I still think there's more of it but oh well. Just got home from school and yoga and I am 111.4. I am not putting anything inside me until I see 111 exactly.  
To you girls who commented on my last post... skinnyobsession9, Alice, weightless, and EDNOS Linny:  You really helped me out a lot!! I was on the verge of a massive binge when I saw the comments! Thank you girls so much!! muah!!

I am going to read your lovely blogs now and comment!!


I had 205 calories yesterday and then about 60 calories of carrots. So that comes to 265 calories and somehow I gained today? The scale said 112. How is that possible? It has to be water weight right? What in the world? I don't get it. 
My allowance today is supposed 400. If I can't lose with 265 how can I lose with 400? I am so confused and frustrated.
Sipping on a S.F. Red Bull right now. I work 8 to noon and then school 1:30 to 4:30. My stomach is saying eat and my head is saying don't. 
I hope my head wins.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Post 100!

Does anyone ever get a sort of high feeling from not eating? Maybe I am just a little crazy.... I just seem to get like incredibly happy like crazy happy when I don't eat. It's a little weird. 
I created a new page that will have just what I eat and exercise so I don't have to record it here... 


Every little helps...

Haha I know it is an old Tesco advert but hey it can be a good motto for us too. Just t he little things can help us get by:
  • drink lots of water
  • if you get hungry, make yourself wait until the end of that hour and see if you still want to eat then
  • do those crest white strips so you actually can't eat
I'm looking forward to wearing shorts and tights again :-)

Well, I am back to 111.6. Hurrah! I really wish I could just skip ahead to 111. 
Today's agenda:
  • Drink water until 8 then have breakfast with coffee. I wake up every day at 6am so i can shower, walk the dog and get school work done before class. I know eating in the morning helps boost metabolism for the day but so does exercising so the walk helps.
  • Get my French homework done
  • Do my hair and make up
  • Write a lovely letter to my husband :-) The deployment is half way over!! 
  • Finish up my nails. I did a beautiful french manicure and i have a few things to touch up than a final top coat. You can't eat when your nails aren't dry.... 
  • Go to class and work on physics and health stuff in my break
  • Come home and not eat or eat very little.
TODAYS CALORIE ALLOWANCE IS 300. I must stick to it. 
My ankle is feeling slightly better but still hurts a lot. Drinking fluids and not putting too much weight on it is supposed to help.

My happy moment yesterday:: I went to my folks house after i hurt my ankle - had to drive with my left foot haha that was interesting. Anyways.... My mom goes: "You're so tiny!" And not like "You're so tiny you should eat..." It was like "You're so tiny and cute" I loved that. I like being tiny and cute. Her saying that really helped me not over-indulge at dinner.

LOVE YOU ALL!! I will comment after i finish my french.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Perfect timing... Not

I sprained my ankle! Whoop di doo! I can barely walk let alone run or exercise good. Why now? 
I was taking the dog for a run and I got about 30 feet from the apartment when I tripped over him and rolled my ankle and like straight over the top of my foot. It is all bruised and swollen and hurts so damn bad! The swelling isn't as bad now since I have been icing it but ugh.

SO not good. I also broke the fast and had dinner with my folks. I had a little bit ok chicken, salad and a little bit of mashed potatoes. Blerg. I was just so frustrated and upset. 

Still stayed under 500 though so that is good.

Love you all!!!
I will comment before I go to bed... But right now I am going to lay down on the couch with my foot up and watch Law and Order SVU.

Doing a 24 hour fast.

Yes I know that my intake should be 500. Well. Frankly that is too much for my goals. So I had oatmeal for breakfast (110) and I am not eating for 24 hours from once i finished that - 8:45am.

I can eat again tomorrow at 8:45 am. If I so wish.... or not.
Last Monday I fasted and it was very good for me. I should have just skipped breakfast but oh well. I have an easy Yoga Test today. I already had my Physics lab and one of the kids in my group helped me with the homework for the class I was struggling with. I love it when people help. The actual lab was ok just confusing since our lab teacher is a TA and just doesn't know stuff. 

My monday is pretty lovely so far :-) It is busy and that means easy to not eat. It will get harder when I get home but I am going to try to keep myself out of the house and out of the kitchen. I am going to take the dog on a long walk and then I am going to throw out all of the icky food. Then I will maybe sit down and watch something on hulu if I am not feeling tempted to eat. 
I am allowing myself to drink the following things today: water, coffee, watered down low calorie drinks like crysal light and such. Nothing more than 10 cals per serving. And then I water that down to half drink and half water. Just for some flavor. 
I am not even eating veggies. Just liquids that I mentioned. 

Love you all!! I am going to read and comment on blogs now.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I love mondays!!

I suppose that's a bit odd but I do love Mondays. I think they are the best days for starting over or moving forward. I don't know... 
I think I am going to go through my cupboards and fridge and get rid of anything that isn't healthy tomorrow. If there is nothing to eat then I can't eat it. I am doing the ABC diet for the next month. Today was day one so my limit was 500. I think I ended up with like 550. :-(
But I did run almost 3 miles... and then did yoga and stretching. And I worked 5 hours. Hmm... I shouldn't be making excuses. It's bad. Tomorrow's allowance is also 500 but maybe I should aim for something lower so I don't go over 500. I don't know why today was so hard. 
Also I drank soooo much water! Like I think I drank probably somewhere between 12 and 16 glasses of water! So tomorrow I am probably going to weigh more because of the water weight. Oh and I took two laxatives so maybe that will shed the water and then some. I need to stop taking those. 
I am going to be happy and chipper tomorrow!! I promise!!! Like I said... I LOVE MONDAYS!!


Counting down the minutes and hours....

I keep looking at the clock thinking ok if I can just not eat for 2 more hours then i can have something. One more hour and 10 minutes. One hour and 9 minutes. The minute hand on the clock seems to be going sooo slow and my stomach is telling me it needs to eat. I just want to wait a little longer. Today's calorie allowance is 500. I have had: 220
I had a bowl of fiber cereal for breakfast with a tablespoon of soy milk: 110
I had some tuna on a slice of 40 calorie bread with a thin slice of tomato: 110
I had 2 big cups of coffee black and lots of water. 
I want to wait until 6 to start making dinner: veggie salad no dressing no croutons. just lettuce, carrots, pea pods, tomato, edamame, and a little bit of tofu and maybe a little bit of squash and mushrooms. but that sounds like too much so probably  no squash and mushrooms. I haven't counted that up yet. i am guessing it will be about 125 which would bring me to 345. so i have 155 left after that. i will probably make some popcorn. 

I have been trying to get school work done but I just can't concentrate. i did my physics and yoga homework. still have french and math to do. 
I need to be 111. I feel like I have been saying that for so long. I am sorry girls. I will get there eventually. 
I am going to see Fleet Foxes in September :-) I can't wait!! I really want to be super skinny then. so i can wear something super cute :-) 
i think i might lay down. just so i can stay away from food.

p.s.- i might throw away the journal but i don't know. i like to keep it so i make sure never to get to that point again. but i may throw it out. i haven't decided. 


First of all... I will explain my unfortunate binge purge cycle last night. 4 years ago I was sent to a mental hospital on account of my parents worried that I would do something harmful to myself. I stayed there for a week. 
It had all started when my parents decided to move us again. I had been in France for two years at a French school where I spoke no french. Then we moved to England and I spent Years 10, 11 and 12 there. After Easter in Year 12 my parents decide to move us back to the states. There were only 4 weeks of school left where we moved so I didn't have time to make many or any good friends. My summer was not looking good. (I had started my eating problems back in france the second year and they just escalated until i got to 107 in year 11. then i started purging and couldn't keep the weight off. i stuck around 115. the cutting started in year 11 as well.) So I had no friends. All I had was a crappy job and lots of time to do nothing. I starting planning my suicide. I had kept a journal of pretty much all of my crazy thoughts and ideas. At the end of the summer I went back to England for a week to spend time with my friends. Everything was great. I had my little pill box of codeine and sleeping pills and I was planning on ending my lousy life one of the last days I was there. And I almost did. We were at a party and I had been drinking and I felt it was time so I went upstairs and got the pills and took them. Then I sat at the top of the stairs just watching everyone and waiting. One of my friends found me though and forced me to throw everything up. Failed attempt. 
My folks never found out about that but they just started noticing the cuts. I had been so ready to end things I had given up on trying to hide them. So they sent me to the hospital about 2 weeks after that attempt. 
Anyways... yesterday I found my journal and stupid me I decided to read it. I admit that some of things I wrote in there like the poetry is pretty awesome but it just put me in a weird mood and so I binged and purged. Twice. 

I am 112.2 today. Not as bad as I had thought but still. 
Thanks for your comments girlies! They mean a lot to me!!
Stay strong!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

blegh argh.......

Blegh:........... ARGH!!!!!!! I just feel like screaming and screaming until I have no voice left.


I'm a mess right now. Laying on the floor my stomach is all mixed up and I am so tired. I hate food.

No food tomorrow. No choice. Sleep.

Stay strong girls

5 days until September

I only got like 4 hours asleep again last night if that... Somehow I am still awake and not too tired. The game and party were good last night. They lost but my brother played great! Since I wasn't staying over last night I didn't drink much. Just some hard cider :-) I left around 1 am ish. And then woke up at 5:30. I had breakfast: fiber cereal and a smoothie. Then I went to work and brought my s.f. red bull. unfortunately i caved and had some ice cream... like 100 grams. But I have not eaten since then. I am going to have a big veggie salad for dinner with a little bit of tuna. Then I am going to watch some Wilfred and then fall asleep. 
I have been running errands all afternoon and so I think I am going to have to crash here shortly. But I need to finish my laundry first. Well maybe get half of it done... haha I get so lazy when it comes to laundry. I just wait and wait and wait until I run out of underwear or something. haha oh well.

I gained a little from yesterday but I am not too worried. I weighed again after work and it was down so today is a weird weight day. We will see what it says in the am. I need sleep. I always lose more when I get a good night sleep.

I need to go switch loads in the washer but I will be back to read and comment your blogs!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

I drive a Prius.

Yes. I drive a Prius. What about you all? 

My busy day is going well:
Intake so far:
Oatmeal: 110
Fiber one: 90
Total: 200.

I got my errands done and got some more red bull. School is done but I have a quick assignment I need to submit by midnight. Work was good. I got off early. Yay. 

I have been sipping on coffee all day. I know it is not good for me but I needed something. I did not sleep well last night. I think I maybe got 3 hours of sleep? I kept waking up and then finally just got up at 5:30. Oh well. 

Dinner is at 6. Caesar salad and I found out just a bit ago that pasta with marinara will be there too. I think I will try to eat the salad really slow so that when I go to get my pasta people will be almost done so i can just take a little.

i am about to open up a sugar free red bull. yummy!! that will make me less hungry too. I should come up with an excuse for not eating a lot... so i am prepared before hand... let's see. i had a late lunch of edamame and a quessadilla. i think that sounds good. let's say i had it at 3pm. 

the hurricane is getting closer. i hope it doesn't hit too bad here. luckily I'm not on the coast. but i know a lot of people who are... i will be praying for them!! 

Stay strong girlies!! We will be someone's thinspo someday!!

Trying to be ready for a busy day...

My weight remained the same, 111.6. I am ok with that. Just glad I didn't gain really and didn't take and laxatives. I tend to do that when i feel like i ate too much. but i resisted. 

So my day today is crazy busy. Work from 8-12 then school 1:30-2:20 then rush home to get some things done around the house and run a few errands. then go to dinner and my parents house (caesar salad), then go to my brothers football game and then go to a going away party. 

it is going to be crazy! and i ran out of red bull yesterday and didn't make it to the store. i think i will stop at the store on my way home from school. i am going to need one to keep me going later today. for now i have some delicious coffee. and my same oatmeal breakfast. 
so this new european wax center opened a few weeks ago maybe 2 months now how times is flying. i think i am finally going to go this weekend. get my eyebrows done. they are getting a little out of hand. i am curious to see what it is like there... the prices aren't too different from the salon i usually go to. 

i can't wait to be 111 and get my hair cut. i think i may get one of those feathers in my hair... i had a dream about it last night. i haven't had any crazy since i've lost weight. i think there may be a correlation there... 

love you all!! got to go... 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Stress bodes well for me I guess."

So my day went pretty well. I didn't plan on eating lunch but I sort of had lunch at like 3:30. Usually I make salads with just lettuce and veggies. No croutons, cheese or dressing. Today I had lettuce, tomato, croutons, parmesan and like half a tablespoon of ranch. (I did not finish my oatmeal this morning). The salad was delicious though. Then I didn't eat again until I had some popcorn at 8:30 and then a 90 calorie fiber one brownie and then I had a Luna bar. Way too many calories! I have no idea what the scale will tell me tomorrow. We will just have to wait and see. I am guessing I had about 600 calories. Maybe 700?

So the title of my post... My mom came over tonight just to vent and chat a little. I am sort of her best friend and so she usually talks to me to vent about whatever is on her mind. I am a pretty good listener. Anyways... I had to make sure I changed my clothes into more baggy and less revealing. I wore my little black shorts with a grey tank top under an adorable grey and white stripey sweater with black flats and this gorgeous flower necklace that was my great grandmother's from the 20s or 30s. SoI had to change into baggier clothes so she wouldn't notice the weight loss. I put on some baggy pajama pants and a t-shirt. After a while she goes: "You just look so well." And I replied... "Well, I guess stress bodes well for me. :-)" My face has gotten a lot thiner so that now you can notice my cheek bones better. It made me feel good without worrying that she thinks I have lost "too much" weight. I don't know if I have mentioned that I am crazy busy lately. I wake up at 6am and then I don't stop going until about now... 10 or 11 at night. I am starting to wonder how I do it? I am going to tell my boss I have to cut my hours back again. School is more important and my husband makes money for us so my job isn't really necessary. Plus I hardly eat anymore. haha :-P

Sorry for the rambling... sometimes I just have to. 
Things I have noticed with losing 13.4 pounds:
My face is thinner
I really have to squeeze to make all of my thighs touch
My ribs are visible most everywhere
I can almost make out the two bones in my forearm
My rings slide around on my fingers more
NONE of my jeans fit right anymore. (I tried on a pair of what used to be tight size 27 jeans, from forever 21, and they just look weird on me, i think that is a size 4 US?)
My belt is on the last hole.

I need new clothes. 
I never thought I would get here again. I really missed it. 

Almost there!

I weighed myself this morning and to my wonderful surprise... the scale says I weigh 111.6. So my bmi is 18.6. I am 0.6 of a pound away from 111. Hopefully that will be tomorrow. I can't post pictures until I get to that goal. But I did take some measurements today:
8/10 (116.6)                           8/25 (111.6)
Bust: 31.5                              Bust: 31.5
Waist: 23.5                            Waist: 22.5
Hips 31                                  Hips: 31
Butt: 34                                  Butt: 34
Thigh: 19                              Thigh: 18
Wrist: 5.5                              Wrist: 5.5
Calf: 14                                  Calf 13.5

Oatmeal (splenda with fiber and I put some fiber cereal in there too, berries): 110
Sugar Free Red Bull : 10
Again, no lunch.
Not sure yet. I get off school at 2:45 then I work at 4:30 so maybe no dinner either? I will take an activia light and some veggies to work I think. 

Other notes:
I am going to watch my little (well not so little) brother play football tomorrow night. He made varsity this year and they won their first game in like years last week... and my little bro got his picture in the paper :-) So that means dinner at my parents house (caesar salad since I asked for it). Then the game and then I have to come home check on my dog and then go to a friends going away party. Tomorrow will be busy and late. But thats ok. I need to buy more Red Bull I am on my last one. 

I think I will definitely make my goal of 111 by September :-) 

Love you all!! Leave me some lovely comments !
p.s. - i had the soup yay! and i couldn't even finish it. so instead of totaling almost 200 with toast... it was more like 120 :-)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keep on Going

The scale was good to me again today. I am now 112.6 somehow! Only 5.6 pounds from my lowest weight and only 7.6 from my UGW which may change when I get there... I will also be posting pictures when I get to 111. I have so many wonderful rewards when I get to my next goal weight :-)
Somewhere I had listed my rewards but I can't find them. Oh well:
Buy the Thigh High socks I am so desperate to wear and look good in
Go make an appointment for my tattoo
Get my jeans tailored. (They are all loose now... about 12 pounds down)
There was more but I don't remember...

Breakfast: Oatmeal: 80 and Half a small banana: 35 (total: 115)
I got the splenda with fiber in it and it's great. 

Work from 8-12 then class from 1:30 to 4:30. I already took the dog for a good walk and I will again in between work and class. I want to avoid eating lunch if I can. Then hopefully tonight I can have that soup I have been wanting! It is the light progresso chicken and dumpling and it is only 160 calories to eat the whole can. That vegan split pea was gross by the way. It had like too many spices in it or something. I have nothing against veganism.... I was vegan for a while but that soup was no good. Anyways... I am going to try and comment on your blogs I follow before I have to head to work.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scale obsession

Well.. I couldn't hold out any longer. But 4 days is pretty good. I got on the scale like 30 minutes ago and I was so amazed!! I now weigh 113.2 which brings my bmi down to 18.8! I am so glad I was down when I got on the scale... I still am having trouble believing that number... Today was good food wise and exercise wise so I should be a little less in the morning. I can hope. If I could see 112 something I think I will jump with joy! I haven't been below 114 in years! maybe like 3 years even! I cant believe I let myself be so gross for so long. 
I did not get to have the soup I was so excited about... Instead I forgot I had work and got there 15 minutes late so I brought an activia light and a fiber one 90 calorie bar. I ate them both.
Calories for today:
oatmeal : 110
Yogurt: 70
fiber one: 90
some popcorn: 100
TOTAL: 370. It's 70 more than I wanted but I am ok with that.
Exercise: -480 walking the dog, walking around campus carrying books and working which is like a workout)

So really... I was negative calories. 

I really do appreciate your comments and I try to comment on all of you who comment on mine. 


Long break :-)

So it is my long break in the day again. It is right around lunch time but I am doing so good. No food and class is starting in 30 minutes. I brought coffee from home today so i wouldn't have to wait in the super long line :-) I bought new coffee yesterday at the store: it is the italian roast starbucks brand. i don't usually like starbucks (i think they burn their coffee) but I like their beans. So i am looking forward to having that during physics. I brought a 90 calories fiber one bar but I have resisted it. yay! I really want to be 111 on friday when I get on the scale or at least close to it. 
My goal was 111 by september so I need to pull that off. Then 107 or 105 for my birthday at the end of the month. 
I am feeling very good today. A little tired but the coffee is going to wake me up :-) I am going to treat myself to watching some tv shows on hulu when i get home and after i take the dog for a walk if i can resist eating until dinner time. I am going to have this soup I got that is only 160 if I eat the whole can. 
I can do this!! We all can get to our goals!! Just push through!
I figured out last week I was so unmotivated and all because my womanly times came on the weekend. They are almost over. I lost that time of the month last time I got to 110. I wonder if that will happen again.... I'm on the pill this time though so maybe i will keep them. We'll see. Has anyone else ever lost it before? Just curious... 

A successful fast

My fast went great and I am kind of surprised. I hadn't fasted in sooo long. Years probably. So I am happy about that. Today I will be eating a little. Maybe 300 calories. Small healthy breakfast with red bull. No lunch. And a small dinner of veggies or soup with a slice of 40 calorie bread. Lots of water.

So last night I went on and just browsed through the skinny models. Great thinspo and so surprising how young some of them are! like 16 or 17 and already they have been in vogue and walked the runways! At 21 I feel so old compared to them haha
Ok well I better get back to school work... Personal Health and Cultural Anthropology this morning. Hopefully I get through both before I have to go to school. 
Love my ladies!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fasting :-)

My fast is going well. I have consumed the following things:
Two glasses of water, 8 oz each
Two glasses or watered down sugar free lemonade, 8 oz each
One Sugar Free Redbull
And I am sipping on my third glass of water now.

We can do this ladies!!!!

Good Morning my lovely ladies!!

Still not stepping on the scale... I just don't want to look at it yet. I may wait a few more days until I know it won't be bad anymore. It may take until friday! I just don't want to be disappointed. 

Today I will be only consuming the following: sugar free red bull (2), tea, water, and sugar free lemonade :-)
I am determined to be happy on Friday when I step back on the scale. I am also no longer doing muscle conditioning. I am doing yoga and pilates instead. Thank you Jane Pansy. 
I had forgotten about this pilates dvd I had gotten for christmas this past year and I did it yesterday. It's pretty good and has like 3 or 4 different workouts on it. I also am taking a yoga class at school so I have that twice a week and I might do some at home if I can. I will be walking around campus everyday and taking the dog for walks too. Today's dog walk I tensed up  my stomach muscles the whole time. It's something extra I can do and no one will notice. I want my stomach to be completely flat :-) 
Right now I am doing homework before I have to head out to school... Physics. Check. French. Almost done. Lab. Check. Math. Not even started. Anthropology. Need to watch lecture (online). Not yet. Personal Health. Need to read chapter two. Yoga. Practice plank again.

I feel like I am taking so many classes... But It's only 16 credits. I've taken 18 before a couple times. 
I'll comment after I finish some more school work.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I wish there was more time in the day but then I wish there was less. I am exhausted from having company over and the baby is sooo cute but always moving and so you always have to be alert. I definitely can't handle having a kid yet... it was a good weekend though. 
So I am going back to really restricting today. I am not sure I will step on the scale tomorrow... but I will on Tuesday. I am kind of scared. 
I did not get anything shopping today... I just didn't feel like I deserved anything. So I helped my friend shop and find awesome stuff. 
I have about 20 bug bites right now. I don't know why I have so many so all of a sudden. its weird and wow they just itch so bad!! 
The spa was amazing of course!! I wish I could just go there all the time :-) I think I am going to lie down on the couch and watch something... probably fall asleep. 
I will try to comment when I am not so delirious and tired. I can't think about the same thing for more than like 10 seconds right now.

LOVE YOU ALL!! I will be back to my normal self tomorrow and I will have some more time on my hands.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Muscle weight and measurements

Ok... So I am not going to step on the scale until Monday I promise. Last night I we made pizza and I had 2 whole pieces! I must say they were amazing and actually looked like you would get them at some nice pizza place! Yay! The one was a whole wheat crust with tons of veggies and little cheese. The other was white crust with sliced tomatoes instead of sauce and slices of fresh mozzarella topped with a little bit of basil and pepper. Then dessert was short bread biscuits with fresh whipped cream and strawberries. (I love to cook...). I did not finish my dessert. So I am sure I probably gained. But I also think it was muscle. I didn't eat anything else yesterday. I just had my red bull, water and coffee.
Here are my stats::
8/10 (116.6)                           8/20 (maybe 114.5?)
Bust: 31.5                              Bust: 32 (gets bigger at time of the month)
Waist: 23.5                            Waist: 23.25
Hips 31                                  Hips: 31
Butt: 34                                  Butt: 34
Thigh: 19                              Thigh 18.5
Wrist: 5.5                              Wrist: 5.5
Calf: 14                                  Calf 13.5

Didn't lose too many inches... :-( I just look all muscly and I didn't before. I don't know. 
Hmmm.... What else is new? I am getting a massage today! Yay!! Hanging out at the spa :-) It's a big treat and I am so excited. We are almost getting to the half way mark with my husband being gone. We are at 5 months out of the 11. I have 6 to go and I need to be 105 when he gets home. I want him to be able to just pick me right up in his arms :-) 
To all of you.... I didn't have time to comment yesterday. I might get to it today but I don't know.
Just know that I love you all and I will get back to you as soon as I can! I love all of your comments :-) They help me going when I am getting ready to cave.


Friday, August 19, 2011

It only took all week...

If you didn't get that... there is some sarcasm to my title :-) But I am happy I finally made it down to 114 even. Only one pound to my mini goal and 3 pounds to my goal of 111. I really want to be 111 when september comes. 
So I had let myself sort of eat a little bit normal yesterday... as normal as I could. I have oatmeal with mixed berries for breakfast. Then I had a Luna bar for lunch. And then I had a snack of 5 pretzels and about 5 banana chips. Dinner I tried to eat this new split pea soup. It was vegan from trader joe's and it was only 150 calories and no fat. I could barely get through half of it. So I don't know maybe my intake was about 500? I am really not sure. I didn't get much exercise in. Just walking around campus with my heavy books. And work I suppose. I am always moving and on my feet. 

Now about today.
First of all... I want those black pumps mila is wearing in the last photo. :-)
I am sipping on my sugar free red bull and coming up with a plan for the day. I need to go to my mom's house so i can put a load of laundry in and then muscle conditioning is at 9:30am today. Then I need to shower. Do my homework for class today. Go to trader joe's and get pizza supplies and food a normal person may eat. For my company. I looked in my fridge and here is whats in it:
soy milk, diet cranberry juice, margarita mix, wine, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, tofu, carrots, condiments and eggs. Haha. And my pantry isn't any better. So I need to buy milk and stuff. Hmm. 
I need to fix up the guest room and put clean towels in the bathroom. And then she will be here. 
It's pizza tonight so I am trying to eat as little as possible until then. (Veggie pizza on whole wheat of course but still). 
I think I will probs gain a little over the weekend :-( But I will do my best to eat little without causing suspicion. 


Thursday, August 18, 2011

At school... long break

So... I didn't realize I have a two hour gap in my schedule. Oh well. I have some homework to already anyway. But I just thought I would comment and post a quick one. 
I got the rest of my books today and wow they are so bulky and heavy. I hope I don't have to bring them to class... I had to sit down and adjust my hair because it is so hot and in the glass across from me I could see the ribs in my chest as I put my hair up!! That was so exciting!! How can I still be 114.4 if that happens? Anyways it put me in a good mood. :-) 
I am sitting in one of the many lounges around campus and wishing i had some coffee... It's like a ten minute walk to the nearest coffee place but with these books I don't know. I may go get some soon though. I have so many things to do when I get off work tonight at 8. Company comes tomorrow and of course I haven't gotten anything ready! I do not even have a light in the guest room yet haha. 
Oh and I need to call her and figure out exactly what time she will be coming...