Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Gain, No Loss :-(

I am still 116. Blerg. I wish the scale would go down. I seem to be getting thinner but not weighing less. Stupid muscle weighing more than fat. 

I have been doing homework and such for so long my eyes hurt. I need a break. It is only day 2 of classes really, but the snow days screwed things up. so the teachers are making us make the classes up by giving us extra homework. whoopie. 

i sound sort of angry and down but i am not really. just a little tired.
i am reading the chuck palahniuk books. Lullaby right now. I have read survivor and snuff so far already. i want to read them all i love his writing!! he is the author of fight club and choke if you've maybe seen those movies or read them. i love him. like a mix of vonnegut and don delillo. yum

i am going to do a mini-workout now and then shower.

hope you all are great!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Wednesday for Wednesdays

So the wedding was of course amazing and I was at 114 for it. Maybe less since I didn't hardly at all for the two days before and during but I also didn't have access to a scale. 114 was the last weight i had seen on the scale. 
I am 116 now which isn't the worst like I said but I know I need to get to at 112. 

So as for the measurements I have : 

November 26th :                           January 12th : 
waist : 24 inches                          Waist : 23.5 
bust : 32                                       Bust : 31.5
hips : 32                                       Hips : 31
butt : 35.5                                    Butt : 34.5
thigh : 19.25                                 Thigh : 18.5 
wrist : 5.5                                     Wrist : 5.5
bicep : 8.5                                    Bicep : 8.5

Weight : 117 .5                                Weight : 116

With only a pound and a half down since Nov. 26th that is terrible! Argh!
I have lost inches though and the space between my legs is great!! I put my knees together feet forward and no part of my thigh touches the other one! That was one of my major goals the first time around. I do not know how it didn't happen or I was too busy counting calories and all that I forgot to actually look at myself in the mirrir for progress. I was mainly worried about the scale by the time I got to 115 and then after that until 107.
Oh and I went to the gym for an hour and 30 minutes today :-)
Anyways, I want to put up pictures but I am afraid they will show up on like google or something and someone will see it. We'll see.
I hope you all are great! I am going to comment you now!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sorry It has been forever

Well the holidays are over and I have gained 2 pounds. I guess it isn't the worst really but I need to get back on track.

I hope you all did better than me over the hard holiday time.

School has started back up but unfortunately the weather has been awful so I haven't been able to run for like a week. I went to the gym instead but even now I can;t get there because of weather.

Obviously the ABC diet was aborted shortly after the wedding.