Friday, November 26, 2010


November 15th :                           November 26th : 
waist : 24 inches                          Waist : 24
bust : 32                                       Bust : 32
hips : 32.5                                    Hips : 32! Down 0.5
butt : 36 (argh)                              Butt : 35.5! Down 0.5
thigh : 19.5                                   Thigh : 19.25! Down 0.25 
wrist : 5.5                                     Wrist : 5.5
bicep : 8.5                                    Bicep : 8.5

Weight : 119 .5                                Weight : 117.5

Total loss : 1.25 inches.... And 2 pounds...

So I found the Thin movie documentary on youtube. I'm at part 6 right now. Today I have the house to myself and I am determined to workout so hard. I have been doing leg lifts, crunches, squats and i am going to do some push-ups soon. I am thinking about going to the gym but I probably won't. I hate that I have to drive there and it's like almost 30 minutes away! But there is a scale there.... but maybe I shouldn't weigh myself until I am sure I have lost. You weigh more after you exercise anyway. I will wait. 
I really want to get to 115 soon. And then 111. At 111 my bmi will be 18.5. My lowest weight was 107 and that bmi was 17.8. Sometimes its weird to think I was there at one time. And I remember thinking i was still huge but if you look at the numbers i wasn't. I think I will take the dog for a walk now. Then I have to finish the paper.

Out take : 190 so far.
Check out the thinspo i posted.


Thinspo after Thanksgiving

Think Thin!!


It's Been a Few days

So my other half and i hosted thanksgiving! It was a crazy 2 days of cooking but I am proud of myself for not eating while cooking! Also I only ate a small amount of food yesterday!
I will measure myself later today because I don't have access to the scale... not until tuesday at least.

i want to watch the Thin movie. Does anyone know where I could find it? I would prefer watching it online.... let me know.

I have a 5 page paper to write today.... let's hope I can write it pretty fast. I hate writing. I'm just not good at it. It's usually just a random assortment of ideas and thoughts put into an order that doesn't make sense!

Breakfast : non-fat plain yogurt with smart start cereal (150)
Lots of coffee!!!! 

The wedding is soooo soon! I can't believe it! I have to write my vows and i don't know what to write.

I hope everyone is doing great!!! I WILL be putting up a thinspo post today!! i know i will need multiple breaks from the paper.

love you all!


Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Nightly

So firstly...
If I am thin enough I will save money on shaving cream because there will be less to shave.
If I am thin enough people will use me as thinspiration
If I am thin enough I can wear anything I want and look damn good in it

So I picked up the dress and veil and garter! The lady who helped me do up the dress kept asking if i had lost weight :-) Somehow I think I have lost weight but also my boobs seem way huge! I swear when its almost that time of the month my boobs grow at least a cup size! Its crazy

So I am watching gossip girl and wishing it were a new episode... 

oatmeal : 120
Sandwich : 135
snack of ham and low fat cream cheese : 45
roasted chestnuts : 150 (i know i shouldn't have but yummy)
4 bites of chicken, fresh green beans, 2 slices of bread : 275! awful
Total : 725

Out take : 567

TOTAL : 158

At least I got a lot of exercise in! I took both of the dogs on a walk today. It sure is a workout for my arms!

Hope everyone is well!!
I am not sure when I will get on next because of Thanksgiving but maybe I might squeeze some time in tomorrow.... Then who knows.


A Monday of Mondays

First things first. so i watched this show the other day i think it was on E! with my other half. it was about this anorexic girl who got down to 54 pounds! and she was 5 feet 5! they showed pictures and she was just bones and skin. she talked about what she ate and what she thought about and the rules she made for herself. the weirdest thing that i had never imagined before that she did was trick her body into sugar. she would eat about 200 packets of sweetener a day! she put it in everything. in mac and cheese, ramen noodles, salad.... whatever. she drank only every 4 hours and ate i think 2 times a day. at 10 in the morning and then at midnight. she was back to 107 in the show. it was a crazy show but somehow i felt like i connected to her and it didn't turn me off or anything. i will still lose weight. sometimes i wonder if they make these shows to scare us... does it ever scare any of us? I will make anew poll i think about it.

So I am picking up my wedding dress finally today. I was supposed to have it in April but so many things went wrong that I am only getting it now... my wedding is in less than a month! it is just the perfect dress! I absolutely love it so the wait was worth it :-)

So this will be an odd thing to write after that but I had been so constipated for the last 5 days i finally broke down and took a laxative yesterday. i hadnt taken one in so long that i forgot how bad they can be. but the good news is i am not constipated anymore. i feel so much better! i think it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings.... so now i can get back on schedule and lose lose lose. btw i used the laxative tea and it worked really well.

my weigh in this morning was 117. I know it is probably because of the laxative so i won't change my stats but i am glad it was not some huge number. thinking about it though, i really didnt eat a whole lot. i just felt like i did because nothing was coming out. i'm sure i will have a good number on the scale tomorrow. i really want to have my own scale... i wonder how hard it would be to hide one. hmmm...

so i absolutely love my frye boots :-) they are the best boots ever! 

i am about to eat breakfast and then off to get the dress:

oatmeal, low sugar : 120

I hope you are all doing well! I will go comment on your posts now and catch up on all the ones i missed this weekend.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Boots

Sorry I haven't been on here in a bit. I have been pretty busy. I won't go into my intake because its been like 3 days.
Yesterday was good though. And I even did yard work for like 2 hours which probably burned a lot of calories!

So yesterday I got an amazing pair of Frye boots!! I have been wanting them for like 2 years and I finally have a pair! I love them :-)

Well I have to go I will write more tomorrow

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thinspo On a Thursday!

I want to be able to do that :-)
Some day...

Some real and some celeb...

Hope everyone is doing well!!


A Lovely Thursday!

The sun is shining and the leaves are gorgeous! I love a lovely day in the fall :-)

I weighed myself today again... sometimes i am lucky and people aren't home
117.5!!! I have lost like a half a pound a day steady now for a couple days. New BMI : 19.6

non fat plain yogurt with a little granola (110)
crackers and some low fat cream cheese (130)
sandwich with low cal bread (110) Each slice of bread only has 35 calories! Its made by nature's own
brownie ugh (150)
Total : 500.

Out take : 452 (Walking around campus, exercises and took the dog on a loooong walk)

Total : 48. not too bad but i shouldn't have eaten the brownie. i should have had an apple or something.

I still have a lot of walking around campus to do. My parking spot is so far away and i walk instead of taking the bus so it burns a lot of calories. 

Well i have to go but I should be on tonight and I will probably make another thinspo post.

Think Super Thin Thoughts!!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Wednesday

peanut butter toast : 150
sandwich : 125
low cal granola bar : 90
carrots : 10
apple : 40
some low fat ham slices : 35 ( i know i didnt plan this... blerg)
blueberry granola bar : 90
Total : 540

out take : 601!

TOTAL : -61. In the negative yet again! 

I can't believe i have 6 followers already! Makes me happy :-)

Oh and guess what?! 118 pounds today!! Also makes me happy

And im sore from yesterdays working out :-)

bad news... so i packed myself food for the day. lunch and dinner. i packed a sandwich, carrots, apple, small low cal granola bar and a blueberry granola bar. i know it sounds like a lot. but i always burn the most calories on wednesdays i feel like. i ate the sandwich, carrots, and granola bar for lunch! i feel so fat right now. 
i have a 2 hour class now and then a 3 hour class! ugh. i hate wednesdays.
let's just hope i can squeeze in some more calorie burning!
at least i dont have options for dinner haha. 
well i better get going.
hope everyone is doing well! 

I will write more later maybe but i have night classes today so i am not sure. 

here's the more:
class was so boring and long. i am so glad lab is over now. also excited for the long break coming up!
well i am going to read your posts and then go to sleep :-)