Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still no progress...

Just got back from the gym and showered.
Yesterday I made cookies all day and only had two little ones and one was a merengue so no fat...
The trip up north was great!! It even snowed!!!
I have read two books: slauterhouse five and diary (chuck palahniuk) now I am reading the girl with the dragon tattoo.
Meeting up with a friend for coffee soon. Lunch was a fiber one bar. Dinner will be steamed green beans and chicken.
Not much new... Just staying fat.
Love you all and welcome newbies!! Thinspo later maybe if I get my computer...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Great weekend ahead!

Lots of exercise and not too much food!! Good day!
Probably won't post again till Monday...
Bought cashmere hat and gloves that are so cute!! The gloves are wool... Warmer. Looking forward to the Cold up north!!
Exercising in the morning burns fat. Any other time most likely burns carbs... Also morning exercise helps raise metabolism all day!!
Love! <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding inspiration

So any of you who have been following me since last year.... My wedding was about a year ago. I was 114 and I was just looking through pics and you can see bones everywhere!! Gorgeous bones!! Really inspired me.
Also watched a bill Cunningham documentary yesterday. Good.
Biked for an hour straight this morning at the gym and I will do it again tomorrow! Not weighing in until Thursday. Let's hope for a good loss.
Going up north on Thursday!! Bring me snow!!
Anyone seen a show called shameless? Hubby is trying to get me into it.... I watched the first one. Pretty good....
Sorry for randomness...
Love you all!!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Ok ladies I am back and I need your help!! 
I am up to 122.4! It is awful. I got all the way up to 125! I cant stand wearing clothes and I avoid going out because I am so disgusting now! If I do go out... I wear anything that makes me look skinnier than I am. My jeans miss me and it is getting cold now so i miss them too. 
I told myself once I got at least down to 120 I would come on here but I cant get there.... I have been trying for the past 3 weeks and I have only gotten as far as 122.4! I really need your help and motivation to get down to 115 or less by February.... when my hubby finally comes home!
I just got a box from him and he had bought me this gorgeous top from TopShop and he bought a size 6 (which is a US size 2) and it fits but then he also sent me 3 Vogue magazines: Spain, Russia and Paris! And I just felt like such a disappointment. he remembers me as this super fashionable skinny wife and here i am not even close.... 
So then I decided to look at old photos of me and it helped me to realize how much i need to get back to where I was. stop gorging myself with food and really focus. the one thing I cannot do is purge. My teeth lost a bunch of enamel and you can definitely tell if you look at them... its not good. I am whitening them and they are looking better. but i cannot make them worse! 
So I need to LOSE AT LEAST 7.4 POUNDS!! By february. 
My plans::
Dye my hair tomorrow! I am dying it like a chocolate brown color and am super excited! It will be like giving me a fresh start.
I work today from 12-6 So I cannot eat during that time. 
I gave up coffee like almost 2 weeks ago now. I am drinking tea instead... I don't really know if it is better... but it doesn't give me bad coffee breath or anything.

NEW RULES: I will add a rule on top of this every week until I get to my goal.
No eating after 8pm and before 8am.
Must exercise the amount of calories I eat or more.
Must go to the gym at least 3 times a week.
Must read vogue everyday or some fashion magazine (online or off line)
Read at least 5 blogs everyday :-) I will probs read more to keep busy and distracted.

I love you all!!!! Please comment and put your blog thing so I can follow if I don't already! I need you all to help me keep busy!!!! 
muah! <3