Thursday, March 7, 2013

Real life...

Well it sucks sometimes... I was worried about one of my students and so I did some research on him and brought my findings to the AP. after they did some of their own research, they agreed something is up. With dark circles under his eyes all the time, failing 3 of 4 classes and his passivity... They are now looking into getting the social worker involved. I hope it gets better... I'll be keeping my eye on him.

I've done yoga every day this week :-) makes me feel great. I really want to have a great beach body here soon. When the weather starts getting nice I want to spend time at the beach. Now that we only live 15 mins from the ocean :-)

Well it's Big Bang theory time and then sleep. Got to wake up at 6am every morning now...

Love you all
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Tuesday, March 5, 2013


What are your opinions on having a six pack as a girl?

I don't have one but I am getting good definition... The hubby likes them and wishes I wanted one... I don't want a six pack because I think they are just unladylike or whatever   I don't know I'm open to change I guess.

In the middle of doing some stripper yoga right now... Just taking a quick break. It's pretty much a mix of yoga and sexy dancing I made up. I'm doing it to a pandora mix of lmafo radio. Keeps me fit and not bored.

Sorry for the choppy post and long absence. Graduated and got a job! Woot woot. The business made me lose weight then gain weight. And no scale right now :-(. I guess it's good and bad. I just have to keep staying on track.

Love you all!!!

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