Sunday, November 6, 2011

I ate normal yesterday so I am back to 118.2... Today will be better though. At least it is a net loss over the week. 
I really don't have much to say today... So I will just randomly ramble.
 I am not really exercising too heavily because when I lose I do not want to have huge muscles. I want to be dainty and fragile and all. 
I really love to read. And I love to read almost anything.... I am reading Slaughter House Blues right now for my anthropology class and it is kinda gross at sometimes but interesting too. Put me off beef. And pork. I am still eating chicken but thats it. 
I hope to get back into Brave New World when I finish that book. Then maybe the last Harry Potter finally. Then Diary by Chuck Palahniuk. Then Everything is Illuminated. Then after that I am not too sure. 
I want to learn another language. I may start getting back into Russian. I took that for a year when I lived in France. I still remember the alphabet and a couple words and phrases. Chinese would be cool but it would take a lot of time to learn a whole new alphabet and well I am not sure they have one? 
I am determined to get back to my 4.0 GPA. It is a 3.971 right now.... 
I am obsessed with the show Bones right now. It is kind of gross but somehow I kinda like it. Weird. It's Zoey Deschanel's sister in it, Emily Deschanel. And I love Zoey Deschanel. Her new show is pretty good but I think she could do better.
I drempt of snow last night. I was in a convertible with the top down and it was snowing. No one was driving and I was sitting in the back... It was lovely. Oh and it was at night so there were stars in the sky too. I could feel the coldness of the snowflakes falling on my cheeks and it made me happy. 
Ok so those are my ramblings. 
Love you all!! Stay strong!

Friday, November 4, 2011

I did good yesterday! I had some couscous with veggies for dinner which was yummy! That was my only high cal thing I ate all day. 
I am down to 117.6! 
2.4 pounds down! 12.6 to go! 20 days. (It may take a little longer at this pace... but we will see)
I will put pics up at 117.

Today will be a good day! Coffee with my mom, lunch at an asian place with my sisters and then school and relaxing. 

I skipped breakfast and hardly ate anything at the asian place. I have had a 100 calorie bag of popcorn. Total: maybe 300 max.

I am planning on waiting until dinner to eat again... 6 or 7. I will either have leftover couscous with veggies, or steamed little potatoes with veggies. I find that if I have a super light dinner lately I binge before I make it to bed. So I try to make my dinner a little, i don't know, starchier? I am not sure of the word. Substantial I think is the word.... without being fat and unhealthy. 
I have to read this book for an anthropology course on the meat industry in the united states and it has steered me away from meat for a while... Although I don't eat meat really much anyway. Just thinking about it makes me feel icky. 

It is rainy and cold outside. Perfect weather in my opinion! I got to wear my wellies to school and that always makes me happy!! :-) Right now I am sipping on some coffee and getting ready to do work on one of my term papers. 

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments girls! I tried to get back to all of you yesterday!
Much love!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Make the time fly

So I caved and had some banana bread yesterday... Still made it to 118.2 though! 
1.8 pounds down, 13.2 to go. 21 days.
So close to the next goal.

I have 3 term projects and 3 tests this month. I need to start planning my time well. I did well on the last string of tests and projects.... 96, 100, 100, and waiting on another. My only downfall was a B on a personal health test... it is a stupid class and somehow I am doing awful in it... its really not supposed to be hard. boggles my mind. i wish i could have taken it pass/fail.

im really in an ok state of mind today i think! a little stressed since it is a busy day but overall in a pretty alright mood. Can't believe it is almost the weekend again. This week is going fast! Im glad too... Three months till my hubby comes home and I just want the time to go by as fast as possible!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy, Tired, Sore

I am happy because I am down to 118.6 :-)
I am tired but not sure why... I slept pretty good last night. Catching up from monday night maybe.
And I am Sore from all the walking yesterday! I walked probably 4 miles in total! Good Stuff.

1.4 down... 13.6 to go!

I will put up photos at 117 I think. Today I have 2 lectures and I am tutoring tonight. Oh and another laser hair removal session. I cant wait for the hair to be gone completely! :-)

Just made some yummy coffee :-) Its the Folger's Selects or something like that the hazelnut flavor! It is sooo good! Breakfast I might make in a little while... It will be oatmeal with zero calorie sweetener and raspberries. Lunch will be an apple and steamed veggies. My snack will be a sugar-free fiber drink mix thing (3 grams of fiber and no calories!). I am not sure about dinner yet... Maybe nothing. I tutor from 5 to 6:30 or 7 :-) So we will see. Maybe another apple. I got these little ones at Trader Joe's that are only like 30 or 40 calories I think. A normal apple at the grocery store can be 90 calories depending on the size! 


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I win vs food

Killer hangover but im feeling a little better now.
Had cereal for breakfast yesterday (160) and 2 tiny apples. Then I drank vodka with diet 7 up. Not too bad. Should of drank more water though... Today I have had a pumpkin and flax seed vegan mini muffin (maybe 80) and I'm drinking lots of water. Dinner was veggies with some lean ground beef and popcorn (230)
Thanks for the comments on my pic :-) love you girls!
Wearing the boots with dark skinny jeans and a gray tshirt. It's super cute.
Didn't get on the scale today yet... I didn't want to be fooled by my dehydration. Maybe tonight I will. Probs. Definitely tomorrow.
Love you all!
Oh and it was a fun night!! Lots of dancing and music and friends and drinking :-)
24 days of dieting with kes :-) let's drop 15!
Oh I got on the scale... 119 at 630pm!