Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Just a quickie. Today was supposed to be 400 and I had about 500 :-(
Crazy day. Lots of good and some bad. No time though. My other half is home and wedding Is soon. I had to eat Chinese so I got a veggie stir fry. I are about 20 bites ish. I had a small apple one slice 35 calorie toast couple slices ham and an activia fat free.
I only drink water so my liquids are zero calorie.
Love you all and sorry for the odd post from my touch...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am done with exams!! ABC update

So I am done with exams and I am so relieved. Here is my progress so far in day 3 of the abc.

Day 3 : 300 total

           : 70 calorie yogurt (no cereal this time)
           : apple and slice of 35 calorie toast : 85 
           : chicken and lettuce 50
           : melba toast 50
           : 0.5 ounce cheese 25
           :TOTAL : 280 :-) 

Somehow I wasn't even that tired or hungry!! I hope tomorrow goes well. the first day is always the easiest. I will comment on all of your posts now!!
I am not counting exercise... Thats not part of the plan. But i still am exercising just less.
And I am happy to have 13 followers now! Thank you all!

Tomorrow : 

Day 4 : 400 calorie total.
           : 70 cal yogurt again
           : apple, clementine, slice of toast : 110
           : i am not sure i will eat dinner because i am working :-)
           : i will pack 3 thin slices of low fat ham from the deli and melba toast : 78
           : thats all i can think of for now


Thinspo :-)

I am so inspired by skinny girls in thigh highs!

Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud 

Stay thinking thin through these tough holiday times!


Monday, December 13, 2010

How are my ladies?

So I had thought about becoming vegetarian again. That is pretty difficult because if the house I live in currently.
So here is what I am doing instead : the ABC (Ana Boot Camp) diet. I got this idea from Ammie. Check out her blog. She has come soooo far!! Pretty amazing! I think you can click on her name and it should go there...? let me know if it works.
It is a random assortment of calorie intakes for 50 days (0 to 500).
I will put up the calorie intakes by week or something like that. I have also made a page with the whole plan on it.

I have already done days 1 and 2 which are 500 or less each.
Day 3 : 300 total (this is tomorrow)
           : 70 calorie yogurt (no cereal this time)
           : apple and slice of 35 calorie toast : 85
           : a few bites of chicken, salad, and maybe melba toast : 50 + 50
           : and that leaves me 45 calories extra

Day 4 : 400
Day 5 : 100
Day 6 : 200
Day 7 : 400
Day 8 : 300
Day 9 : 500
Day 10 : Fast

I am hoping this goes well. It has to. I need more structure other than just thinking in the back of my head how many calories i have eaten so far. Now i will think : if i eat this i will have this many left.... 

I am going to quickly find some thinspo and get that up then go to sleep.
I have my last exam tomorrow :-)

Think so so so thin!!!

oh and here is a review of the abc plan i found on a website :

I did this diet about 9 months ago and i lost 20kg on it, lead me to hospitalisation but it was the best 50 days of my whole entire life. i highly recommend it, its great i then later a futher 10kg and was re hospitalised down to 39kg i think, i am now in recovery for anorexia, but dam it was worth it... skinny is priceless. the feeling the look everything about what i went through was priceless, the most valuable time i have had in my life say what you will think what you will abc diet is gold. love. xioxo

Much Needed Thinspo .....

I want to be able to wear thigh highs :-)

Some great thinspo for the start of a lovely new diet plan :-)
Thank you all for your lovely comments!!


A Little Setback

I bought some nice lingerie today for my wedding day :-)
I hope you are all staying strong this holiday season. I have been trying hard these past 2 days but it has not been so good.
I won't go into yesterdays intake and such but I will say that I was not in the negative like I usually try to be.
Today I will be. I just got back from a long run with the dog :-) I burned about 411 calories running and I will get more in later.

So I usually have some pretty weird dreams. Do you guys ever have really weird dreams?
So my dream last night was this: I had mushrooms growing off of my legs. Like not little one but pretty good sized mushrooms. I go to my doctor and ask her what to do about them. She picks one off and gives it to me and says "Here you can eat it." What in the world does that dream mean? If anyone has any ideas, please share.

Think Thin girls!!