Saturday, February 4, 2012

slutty brownies

I will update it if it changes... but the weight this morning is 118.8. A loss is a loss I suppose. The reason for such a tiny loss? I am not too sure really... I think lack of sleep maybe.
Last night was fun though. My best friend came over and then my other best friend got on Skype and they helped me pick out a super hot and sexy outfit for my hubby's homecoming on sunday!! it's been on the news so i can talk about it now! yay! I look damn good in it I have to say! It's this gray cotton dress with a super plunging neckline! Then I have like 4.5 inch heels and I got this new bra from victoria secret yesterday that makes my 32Bs look like 32Cs at least! and it actually gives me cleavage! Super awesome!  
Anyways... after trying on a million outfits.... we went out for a drink and then came back and started making goody bags for my hubby and his two friends we are driving here too. we made these brownies called "slutty brownies" haha. they are made in a 9x9 pan and then you do a layer of cookie dough, then a layer of oreos, then pour brownie batter on top! we each tried like a crumb of it and then cut it up and put them in cupcake things. 
they have been gone for 10 and a half months! and these twos guys.... well their families can't make it. so sad for them. 
food wise though i did pretty good yesterday. i had cereal (185) with almond milk (25) then I had 4 bites of a grilled pork chop (45) and a 1/3 cup rice (65) then for dinner I had some mexican nachos but just the chicken, beans, lettuce and a couple chips (200), oh then a glass of wine (100) with a few bites of creme brûlée (75) and the crumb of the sluttly brownie (45).
Total: 740
Exercise: about 700
Bust: 33.5
Waist: 23.5
Hips: 31.75 (-0.25)
Butt: 35
Thighs: 20.5 at top, 19 in the middle, 15.5 right above knee (-0.5 above knee)
Calves: 13.5 at widest point... (-0.25)

Ok I feel like post is going on for too long. Yesterday was a busy day. I got up at 6:45 and then didn't flu asleep until 3am. Then I just got up today at 7:00am haha I just can't sleep! It's good though!!!!!!

Love you all!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012


Today's weight is probably a little off. It is 119 but since I hardly ate all day and then had dinner at like 9pm.... It may change later today. That usually happens for me.
Total Intake yesterday: about 600
Total Out take: somewhere around 700
So I was negative over the course of the day.... just odd hours I suppose. Didn't binge either...

The facts say I should be super happy. I feel like I am in a sort of daze. Is it really only two more days? How did I get through it without any breakdowns? How did I get through it with only a few days of crying? In ten and a half months? I have no idea.

But it's here. it is here!! 

Test at 10:00am. Then I get my nails filled in at noon. Then I am going to victoria secret to get some cute under things! :-) Then I need to make the apartment look good and then I need to pack! I leave tomorrow and then the hubby will be back with me next time i'm here! it is crazy to think about! 

I should be studying for the test.... but I feel good about it. It had been stressing me out earlier but then i went to office hours and that helped. Should be pretty quick. I hope.

Ok I will probe be searching for thinspo sometime today... 

love you all!!!!!
thanks for all of the super comments!!! 
I will re-edit and add names in here later
got to shower and get ready for the day

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What a lovely spring day in february

It is gorgeous outside. What a wonderful way to wake up. 
I took the dog for a walk. Couldn't believe it is like 60 already at 7am!

Anyways. I am 119!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that IS a lot of exclamation points!!! :-)

Only three more "wake-ups" !!!!

No bad dream. I dreamt that I got into a fight in the library and won! I had some super kick ass moves too. 

Everything seems to drag on forever and it all seems to blend in at the same time. My mind is a million places all the time. I can't wait for the hubby to be here and then everything will be great! 

Not much else to say... Long day. But thats good. It keeps me away from food and keeps me busy.

Love you all and love your comments!!
stay strong and motivated!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Water is key!

Water is my new best friend. I had been avoiding it a little lately because I was trying to eliminate water weight... my new plan: drink a ton of water! 
Water: why it's good::

  1. It will clear up your skin
  2. It will fill you up
  3. Take a sip before each bite of food and you will eat less. It gets annoying and if you make yourself do this then not only will you feel fuller, but you won't want to eat because it is annoying
  4. Speeds up your metabolism
  5. Drink green tea a few times a day and you will go through the water faster while still taking it in
  6. Just do not go heavy on the salt! Salt will make you retain the water. Keep salt out and you won't get the water weight.
Intake: about 700
Out take: about 700

I was 120.2 when I woke up. I was 120.2 right before dinner. (After lots of water though out the day and some food)
I am hoping to be under 120 tomorrow! It should work out great!
Sleeping pill in about an hour. Then sleepy time.
Hopefully a more restful sleep...

Love you all!!!!!

I hate sleep....

Woke with a start in the middle of the night. Woke up with the feeling that bugs were crawling on me and I opened my eyes and there were huge killer ants all throughout my bed. Fourth scariest wake up ever. Why does this happen? At least I didn't jump out of bed trying to rip my hair out this time. There has got to be a reason for it right?

Anyways... Weigh-in is 120.2 still. I kind of expected that. Well I expected to gain really.... I had an ice cream sandwich yesterday! and Goldfish! 

Today is a long day. I leave around 7:30 and get back around 6:45. Keeps me away from food. My packed food will be: a granola for breakfast (110), apple for snack (60), protein shake for lunch (160) and then a special K thing for second snack (100). I may or may not eat it all. I may take a nap in my car instead of the second snack... I have two breaks but not long enough to go home really...

I feel so tired and anxious and excited and nervous. Weird combination. 

Started using the Jergens self-tanning lotion a few days ago. I have a nice glow now, not fake either. I have been whitening my teeth and they are getting pearly white. Still contemplating what to wear to the hubby's homecoming.... I got this grey dress with a nice plunging neckline but I am just not too sure about it. Maybe a skirt, top and heels... I have got to look hot!

Spent a couple hours reading different blogs and things last night after I woke up:

  1. Drinking a glass of cold water with lemon juice in the morning when you wake up can boost your metabolism up to 15%
  2. Got a craving? Suck on an ice cube until you don't any more
  3. Don't eat an apple all at once. Cut it up and eat a 1/4 or a 1/2 and then save the rest for another snack
  4. Water, water, water
Love you all!!!!