Tuesday, March 5, 2013


What are your opinions on having a six pack as a girl?

I don't have one but I am getting good definition... The hubby likes them and wishes I wanted one... I don't want a six pack because I think they are just unladylike or whatever   I don't know I'm open to change I guess.

In the middle of doing some stripper yoga right now... Just taking a quick break. It's pretty much a mix of yoga and sexy dancing I made up. I'm doing it to a pandora mix of lmafo radio. Keeps me fit and not bored.

Sorry for the choppy post and long absence. Graduated and got a job! Woot woot. The business made me lose weight then gain weight. And no scale right now :-(. I guess it's good and bad. I just have to keep staying on track.

Love you all!!!

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