Sunday, November 6, 2011

I ate normal yesterday so I am back to 118.2... Today will be better though. At least it is a net loss over the week. 
I really don't have much to say today... So I will just randomly ramble.
 I am not really exercising too heavily because when I lose I do not want to have huge muscles. I want to be dainty and fragile and all. 
I really love to read. And I love to read almost anything.... I am reading Slaughter House Blues right now for my anthropology class and it is kinda gross at sometimes but interesting too. Put me off beef. And pork. I am still eating chicken but thats it. 
I hope to get back into Brave New World when I finish that book. Then maybe the last Harry Potter finally. Then Diary by Chuck Palahniuk. Then Everything is Illuminated. Then after that I am not too sure. 
I want to learn another language. I may start getting back into Russian. I took that for a year when I lived in France. I still remember the alphabet and a couple words and phrases. Chinese would be cool but it would take a lot of time to learn a whole new alphabet and well I am not sure they have one? 
I am determined to get back to my 4.0 GPA. It is a 3.971 right now.... 
I am obsessed with the show Bones right now. It is kind of gross but somehow I kinda like it. Weird. It's Zoey Deschanel's sister in it, Emily Deschanel. And I love Zoey Deschanel. Her new show is pretty good but I think she could do better.
I drempt of snow last night. I was in a convertible with the top down and it was snowing. No one was driving and I was sitting in the back... It was lovely. Oh and it was at night so there were stars in the sky too. I could feel the coldness of the snowflakes falling on my cheeks and it made me happy. 
Ok so those are my ramblings. 
Love you all!! Stay strong!


  1. I'm afraid of huge muscles too. My sister used to have a BMI that was obese but she didn't look obese because she was super strong. She just looked overweight but the muscle mass was enough to put her in an obese BMI. I know my genetics aren't completely the same as hers so I don't know that I would have the genes to pack on muscle like that bus since she could, there's a good chance I could. I'm ok with very lean muscles, but I don't want anything even slightly bulky.
    I've been thinking about learning either Japanese or Manx. Manx is a dead language so it's pretty much useless though. And Japanese would probably be very difficult.
    I need to start reading more. I have books that i have never finished or never read. I bought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo today. Hopefully it'll be good.

  2. Hi there, i'm loving your ramblings ;) i'm newly following and jus caught up on all your blog posts. hope your doing ok, believe me you're much closer to your goal than i am believe me lol. I'd love it if you can check out my blog ... ... keep working hard xxx

  3. we are the exact same stats! Love your blog! dropping 5 before Dec 5...stay strong!

  4. I love Bones aswell, watch them every day:) Zoey is so much more prettier than Emily!
    I've always wondered, how much ppl with ednos exercise? Cuz I see the point but I'm terrified of muscles! Fragile and tiny rock my world:)
    Keep up the good work!Lotsoflove!
    Ps. I think the chinese do have an alphabet but it has about hundred letters or signs in it:O


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