Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy, Tired, Sore

I am happy because I am down to 118.6 :-)
I am tired but not sure why... I slept pretty good last night. Catching up from monday night maybe.
And I am Sore from all the walking yesterday! I walked probably 4 miles in total! Good Stuff.

1.4 down... 13.6 to go!

I will put up photos at 117 I think. Today I have 2 lectures and I am tutoring tonight. Oh and another laser hair removal session. I cant wait for the hair to be gone completely! :-)

Just made some yummy coffee :-) Its the Folger's Selects or something like that the hazelnut flavor! It is sooo good! Breakfast I might make in a little while... It will be oatmeal with zero calorie sweetener and raspberries. Lunch will be an apple and steamed veggies. My snack will be a sugar-free fiber drink mix thing (3 grams of fiber and no calories!). I am not sure about dinner yet... Maybe nothing. I tutor from 5 to 6:30 or 7 :-) So we will see. Maybe another apple. I got these little ones at Trader Joe's that are only like 30 or 40 calories I think. A normal apple at the grocery store can be 90 calories depending on the size! 



  1. You've been doing good! I'm at 124 and I want to be at 110 so 24 left for me. I worked yesterday though so I didn't get a chance to really exercise but I'm off today so I'm gonna try a lot harder. Hopefully tomorrow I will see a good loss.

  2. Good Job!! Keep it up :)


  3. Goodness your doing well!!! :) Inspiration xx

  4. congrats you really inspire me and my weight loss :)

  5. You remind me of myself before I got pregnant. I'm 25 and have a 1 yr old. It's overdue for me to get back to the old clothes and old me. Following!

    And also, I'm really curious about the laser hair removal. I can't stand shaving my legs in our tiny bathtub and don't have a lot of opportunities to now that I'm busy with a baby all the time. When I get the chance I use Veet.

    Do they have payment plans and how often do you do the treatments? Does it hurt or anything?


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