Friday, June 15, 2012

Sporadic Posts... Kinda explains life

Well girls.... Life is pretty different now I suppose.

I have lost like 4 pounds in the past two weeks without trying. always makes me happy although confused. the weight is 118.6

I started a new job... I am waitressing now. It's pretty good. Old people seem to love me haha and people with kids. i like it though. pretty good hours. i never go in before like 11! 
and i never eat there which means at least one meal gets skipped

havent been back home in over a month! its weird... 

the dali elephant on my back is getting lonely haha i am thinking of getting another tattoo but dont know what.... i want the theme to be mary poppins since its my favorite movie of all time! 

P90X was fun for a few weeks but i guess i sorta gave up on it... not intentionally or anything just sorta happened. i just do like core exercises and lunges lately since i am on my feet all day at work i dont want to run as much. 

i feel like this post is sorta bland... sorry girls! im in a weird mood i think. 
anyways... grilling tonight! yay!! I already cut up a huge zuchini from the neighbors and i want to figure out how to grill peaches... anyone know how? we have a charcoal grill.... maybe i'll pick up some skewers on my way home... 

anyways. love you all!!!
hope your summers are going spectacularly!!!!!

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  1. Sounds like your life is on the up! :) Glad you're happy!! You deserve this :) xx


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