Sunday, October 14, 2012

this will be short

friday was great. had a luna bar for breakfast and some veggies with a little bit of hummus for lunch. that was it! no dinner! total for friday: 230 maybe and i think that is still high

saturday was not as great.... husband made me breakfast! english muffin (a light one at least) with cheese, bacon (minus the icky total fat parts), and some guacamole. yummy... but probably like 300 calories. then we had barbecue for lunch maybe 400 calories and burger for dinner 400 calories. plus a beer! 120. total.... whopping 1220!! 

today.... banana bread for breakfast 200, leftover burger for lunch 300 (fewer toppings!) and hopefully something light for dinner. total so far... 500.

my weights... saturday morning! a lovely 113.4! I checked like 10 times! 
this afternoon at like 2pm ish.... 115.4! I know it was after breakfast and lunch but still.

i wont have a scale again until friday. at least it is 1.6 pounds less than last sunday!! Would have been nice to be 3.6 pounds less though... let's hope great things for friday!!

love you allll!!!!!!!
welcome new followers!!! ill check you out probs tomorrow!!


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