Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Gain, No Loss :-(

I am still 116. Blerg. I wish the scale would go down. I seem to be getting thinner but not weighing less. Stupid muscle weighing more than fat. 

I have been doing homework and such for so long my eyes hurt. I need a break. It is only day 2 of classes really, but the snow days screwed things up. so the teachers are making us make the classes up by giving us extra homework. whoopie. 

i sound sort of angry and down but i am not really. just a little tired.
i am reading the chuck palahniuk books. Lullaby right now. I have read survivor and snuff so far already. i want to read them all i love his writing!! he is the author of fight club and choke if you've maybe seen those movies or read them. i love him. like a mix of vonnegut and don delillo. yum

i am going to do a mini-workout now and then shower.

hope you all are great!!



  1. OHHHHHHH my gosh. I have ready lullaby, haunted, survivor, rant, and diary. I absolutely adore chuck. his writing is so f-ing amazing. Sorry I got super excited when I saw you read those.
    Good luck!! Keep up the good work, and the pounds will fall like crazy.

  2. At least you're getting smaller :]


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