Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding inspiration

So any of you who have been following me since last year.... My wedding was about a year ago. I was 114 and I was just looking through pics and you can see bones everywhere!! Gorgeous bones!! Really inspired me.
Also watched a bill Cunningham documentary yesterday. Good.
Biked for an hour straight this morning at the gym and I will do it again tomorrow! Not weighing in until Thursday. Let's hope for a good loss.
Going up north on Thursday!! Bring me snow!!
Anyone seen a show called shameless? Hubby is trying to get me into it.... I watched the first one. Pretty good....
Sorry for randomness...
Love you all!!


  1. Aw! I wish you could post a wedding picture!! I hope you're keeping yourself busy!! Good luck! xoxo

  2. I call my Fiance my Husband in my posts to further keep my identity a secret but we're saving up for a house first before we get married, I told him if we can move into a house by this time next year, then this time 2 years from now I want to get married and it will give me time to lose weight.

    He was relieved that he could bulk up between now and then too. So weird that guys always want to gain weight and girls always want to lose weight. Anyway, good job getting thin for your wedding!

    I haven't seen much progress in the past 6 months... just -10 lbs but hopefully it'll snowball :P but even at this rate I will weigh about the same as you for that day! WOW! I never thought of it that way... and here I was feeling crappy that I only lost 10 lbs so far.

    Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  3. Shameless is brilliant!!!!!!! :D Love it :D Hope your doing well xx


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