Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still no progress...

Just got back from the gym and showered.
Yesterday I made cookies all day and only had two little ones and one was a merengue so no fat...
The trip up north was great!! It even snowed!!!
I have read two books: slauterhouse five and diary (chuck palahniuk) now I am reading the girl with the dragon tattoo.
Meeting up with a friend for coffee soon. Lunch was a fiber one bar. Dinner will be steamed green beans and chicken.
Not much new... Just staying fat.
Love you all and welcome newbies!! Thinspo later maybe if I get my computer...


  1. You've just hit a little plateau, it'll soon pass :) Well done on the control over the cookies :D Have fun with your friend! xx

  2. I wish I had time to read I am so jealous for those who take the time to read. Glad your trip went well looking forward to your thinspo.

  3. Ur doing a great job and don't forget it will pay off sooner or later:)) enjoy!


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