Thursday, April 5, 2012

have a good holiday weekend girlies!!

i wont be able to post probably over the weekend.

did not sleep well last night. no idea why. kept waking up. weird dreams again. all i remember is running and falling and hiding in the bushes. with that kid shia lebeouf chasing me on a bike. 

listening to: devil makes three :-) 
like in love with them lately... check out: Aces and Twos or Do Wrong Right... they are all good though. awesome tattoos too :-)

ok well i am so tired but got to get this day started! 
todays planned intake: diet cherry pepsi and then dinner with chicken
hopefully i will stay under 500 today. hubby has gone crazy food nut on me so i dont think it should be too much of an issue. he is doing that p90x thing. 
love you all!!


  1. nice. my buddy's doing p90x. i hear results are great. :3

    about two years ago, i would've said "i wish shia labeouf was chasing me on a bike!" but that is a strange dream. x: jinkies.

    good luck staying under 500 today! <3

  2. Good luck with staying under 500!! You can do it :D xx

  3. lol shia labeouf on a bike :P
    500 is great, think thin :)

  4. good job!!!! Drink lots of water w. your diet soda, helps fill you up b/c diet soda can make you crave more food later!!!

  5. Good luck staying under 500 cals! I know you probably made it your so strong!
    Oh and P90x is so awesome I have done the cardio version a few times! Wow so amazing! right now I'm doing Insanity. Which I would almost say is harder! Hope your doing great!
    with love,


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