Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Plan

So my friend H and I have decided to start a fitness plan.
The plan has us run every other day or more and strengthening on the other days. Abs and core workouts are added to running days. It also makes sure we eat fruit and veggies everyday, drink lots of water and include at least 1 protein each day.

We are both going to be pescatarians and eat organic if possible. We both have histories of eating disorders and so we are trying to make sure each other stays healthy.

Today is abs and glutes. I am also about to take my dog for a short hike. it is gorgeous outside!!! and he will be so happy!! the only sad thing for him is i have been putting the muzzle on him because he has been a little agressive towards other dogs lately. he is a rescue and has some issues. he is totally a cuddle bug and thinks he is a big lap dog and loves people... but he has issues with other dogs... i still love him

i was going to go to the grocery store... but i am going to be at my boyfriend's house for the whole weekend starting tomorrow so there really isnt any point... plus it keeps food out of my apartment.

going to dinner tonight at a sushi place with my sisters. should be fun.

talk soon!!
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