Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What do I think?

I went to the gym again at lunch. my annoying co-worker thinks we are friends now... had meetings all day together and then we ended up at the gym at the same time. she drives me nuts.
but my ideas are looking great on paper and i suppose she did help with that. i like being the creative part of the team instead of only the numbers girl. although tomorrow is the numbers stuff.

i finished watching lie to me yesterday. it was so good. i wish they had made more seasons. netflix is the best. now i am watching house of cards. some people drink or do drugs to unwind... I watch tv or play video games.

i have stopped eating snacks at my apartment. i do indulge in some ice cream at night... but compared to how i had been it is much better.

due to the back to back meetings today i missed lunch. i know i shouldnt be happy abut that but i sorta am. i think it is just part of me.

so about my love life....
i have a boyfriend who i love. and a girl who i am totally attracted to and fuck about every wednesday. we do yoga, then have dinner, and then we usually fuck. she also has a boyfriend. and everyone knows about everyone.
i am definitely bi. i love sucking dick and i love licking pussy. thats probably tmi but whatever. this is my blog and i dnt think any of my 125 followers actually still follow me. it seems people make these accounts and then leave them. i keep coming back though. cant believe i have had this thing since 2010!! seems like forever. i had a xanga before this but my parents made me delete it completely after i was admitted to that mental institution. sometimes i try and go back and find it. i logged everything.... every calorie in and out.

im not as crazy as i was.... im different. i started just not eating. then i didnt eat and worked out like crazy. then i purged everything. now i try to be healthier... but i still fall into those old ways sometimes. i still purge every now and again. i still restrict sometimes. i make sure never to be in the clean plate club. i feel happy when i dont finish food.

my boyfriend is a lot older than me.... he is 12 years older. i mean thats not too bad. i cant stand young boys. guys in their 20s are so immature and annoying. my girl is 5 years older.
as immature as i can be about food stuff.... the rest of me is pretty much an old soul.

my fridge looks full but really most of it is bad and should be thrown out. maybe i will do that tomorrow.... i havent gone food shopping in like 10 days. i just am eating whats there. i think i still have probably another weeks worth of food or more. i ran out of milk on saturday.... but its ok cuz i am just drinking black coffee. better anyways.

ok enough rambling.
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  1. what do you do when you have a craving? i drive myself insane with cravings

  2. also i think im bi too, how did you get into a relationship with another girl? i just dont know how to go about it..


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