Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Water is key!

Water is my new best friend. I had been avoiding it a little lately because I was trying to eliminate water weight... my new plan: drink a ton of water! 
Water: why it's good::

  1. It will clear up your skin
  2. It will fill you up
  3. Take a sip before each bite of food and you will eat less. It gets annoying and if you make yourself do this then not only will you feel fuller, but you won't want to eat because it is annoying
  4. Speeds up your metabolism
  5. Drink green tea a few times a day and you will go through the water faster while still taking it in
  6. Just do not go heavy on the salt! Salt will make you retain the water. Keep salt out and you won't get the water weight.
Intake: about 700
Out take: about 700

I was 120.2 when I woke up. I was 120.2 right before dinner. (After lots of water though out the day and some food)
I am hoping to be under 120 tomorrow! It should work out great!
Sleeping pill in about an hour. Then sleepy time.
Hopefully a more restful sleep...

Love you all!!!!!


  1. water is great!! I drink tons of green tea :)

  2. Those girls are gorgeous and their bodies are to die for.
    I love the fact that water fills you up but I also find the feeling of my stomach being filled with water annoying, but hey, that's better than being filled with food!
    I hope everything goes well.
    Love Anafly

  3. You motivated me to drink a ton of water instead of food :) Thankyou <3 Glad your so motivated still! You go girl! ;)


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