Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I hate sleep....

Woke with a start in the middle of the night. Woke up with the feeling that bugs were crawling on me and I opened my eyes and there were huge killer ants all throughout my bed. Fourth scariest wake up ever. Why does this happen? At least I didn't jump out of bed trying to rip my hair out this time. There has got to be a reason for it right?

Anyways... Weigh-in is 120.2 still. I kind of expected that. Well I expected to gain really.... I had an ice cream sandwich yesterday! and Goldfish! 

Today is a long day. I leave around 7:30 and get back around 6:45. Keeps me away from food. My packed food will be: a granola for breakfast (110), apple for snack (60), protein shake for lunch (160) and then a special K thing for second snack (100). I may or may not eat it all. I may take a nap in my car instead of the second snack... I have two breaks but not long enough to go home really...

I feel so tired and anxious and excited and nervous. Weird combination. 

Started using the Jergens self-tanning lotion a few days ago. I have a nice glow now, not fake either. I have been whitening my teeth and they are getting pearly white. Still contemplating what to wear to the hubby's homecoming.... I got this grey dress with a nice plunging neckline but I am just not too sure about it. Maybe a skirt, top and heels... I have got to look hot!

Spent a couple hours reading different blogs and things last night after I woke up:

  1. Drinking a glass of cold water with lemon juice in the morning when you wake up can boost your metabolism up to 15%
  2. Got a craving? Suck on an ice cube until you don't any more
  3. Don't eat an apple all at once. Cut it up and eat a 1/4 or a 1/2 and then save the rest for another snack
  4. Water, water, water
Love you all!!!! 


  1. Hang in there!~! Sorry to hear about the shit wake up!! That always ruins my day... I'm in the same boat about the ice cream sandwich and goldfish... at least we buy the reduced fat ice cream sandwiches... but my son eats goldfish everyday for his snack and it's hard not to eat 1-5 of them and then the after-taste makes me want more but I have to put it away fast or else I'll just keep eating them.

    Sucks being around food all the time and having to prepare it constantly for someone else... I'm used to avoiding food situations altogether and not spending money on groceries but buying beer, cigs, and clothes instead lol... my how the tables have turned!!

  2. That wake up must of been scary! Hope your ok now! Your plan for eating sounds good :) Those special K bars are delicious! And those tips are good too :) xx


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