Friday, February 3, 2012


Today's weight is probably a little off. It is 119 but since I hardly ate all day and then had dinner at like 9pm.... It may change later today. That usually happens for me.
Total Intake yesterday: about 600
Total Out take: somewhere around 700
So I was negative over the course of the day.... just odd hours I suppose. Didn't binge either...

The facts say I should be super happy. I feel like I am in a sort of daze. Is it really only two more days? How did I get through it without any breakdowns? How did I get through it with only a few days of crying? In ten and a half months? I have no idea.

But it's here. it is here!! 

Test at 10:00am. Then I get my nails filled in at noon. Then I am going to victoria secret to get some cute under things! :-) Then I need to make the apartment look good and then I need to pack! I leave tomorrow and then the hubby will be back with me next time i'm here! it is crazy to think about! 

I should be studying for the test.... but I feel good about it. It had been stressing me out earlier but then i went to office hours and that helped. Should be pretty quick. I hope.

Ok I will probe be searching for thinspo sometime today... 

love you all!!!!!
thanks for all of the super comments!!! 
I will re-edit and add names in here later
got to shower and get ready for the day


  1. yay for the intake! :D Well done!! sometimes your body does go into a daze, i think its lack of food? It must be! I'm sure you'll do fine in your test if your confident about it :) xx

  2. good luck on ur test & gud job on the negative intake! im excited for u tht ur hubby is coming back! ah nails & VS, sounds like a girls heaven...add in a facial & spa...dreamy...have fun! Stay strong<3


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