Saturday, February 4, 2012

slutty brownies

I will update it if it changes... but the weight this morning is 118.8. A loss is a loss I suppose. The reason for such a tiny loss? I am not too sure really... I think lack of sleep maybe.
Last night was fun though. My best friend came over and then my other best friend got on Skype and they helped me pick out a super hot and sexy outfit for my hubby's homecoming on sunday!! it's been on the news so i can talk about it now! yay! I look damn good in it I have to say! It's this gray cotton dress with a super plunging neckline! Then I have like 4.5 inch heels and I got this new bra from victoria secret yesterday that makes my 32Bs look like 32Cs at least! and it actually gives me cleavage! Super awesome!  
Anyways... after trying on a million outfits.... we went out for a drink and then came back and started making goody bags for my hubby and his two friends we are driving here too. we made these brownies called "slutty brownies" haha. they are made in a 9x9 pan and then you do a layer of cookie dough, then a layer of oreos, then pour brownie batter on top! we each tried like a crumb of it and then cut it up and put them in cupcake things. 
they have been gone for 10 and a half months! and these twos guys.... well their families can't make it. so sad for them. 
food wise though i did pretty good yesterday. i had cereal (185) with almond milk (25) then I had 4 bites of a grilled pork chop (45) and a 1/3 cup rice (65) then for dinner I had some mexican nachos but just the chicken, beans, lettuce and a couple chips (200), oh then a glass of wine (100) with a few bites of creme brûlée (75) and the crumb of the sluttly brownie (45).
Total: 740
Exercise: about 700
Bust: 33.5
Waist: 23.5
Hips: 31.75 (-0.25)
Butt: 35
Thighs: 20.5 at top, 19 in the middle, 15.5 right above knee (-0.5 above knee)
Calves: 13.5 at widest point... (-0.25)

Ok I feel like post is going on for too long. Yesterday was a busy day. I got up at 6:45 and then didn't flu asleep until 3am. Then I just got up today at 7:00am haha I just can't sleep! It's good though!!!!!!

Love you all!!!


  1. sounds like such a fun day! Im excited for u! & yes a loss is still a loss! Congrats! & stay strong<3

  2. Loss is a loss so don't be to hard on your self. Such self control with those brownies, your amazing, because they sound like the most tempting binge and purge food I have ever heard of. Congrats again on the loss!
    with love,

  3. Ahhh I'de take even the smallest loss over a gain any day

  4. I agree with Cameron. When I take Melatonin before bed, I sleep a guaranteed 8 hrs. but you have to allow it cuz you may not be able to wake up before those 8 hours. You'll lose more, the more you sleep, and your hair and nails will grow faster too! You're doing great though! Wish I could do the same!

    Stay Strong, beautiful!


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