Tuesday, April 3, 2012


does anyone else feel drunk from not eating? i felt in a weird daze like drunk almost most of the day. sort of nice. but odd. surreal actually.

while i was away i got another tattoo! it is beautiful! its a salvador dali elephant on my right shoulder/back area. about the size of my hand if i spread all my fingers out. maybe a little bigger. it is amazing. they are addicting though!! 
hubby has two half sleeves now in addition to the others. 
ok going to sleep now! i will try to comment tomorrow!
love you all!!!
p.s.- for some reason i cant access the little thing where i record my weight... ill figure it out later


  1. I get that too - they call it the 'starving high'... although I'm not really meant to be starving myself anymore. Bleh :( I try to replicate that head-rushy feeling with lots of caffeine and nicotine, though. I love it.

    I adore the Dali elephants, you have exquisite taste! They are so chilling and spider-like and beautiful.

    Gabby x

  2. i bet it's a lovely tattoo.They are addicting though! lol

    xx SN

  3. Tattoo's are definately addictive!! I also get that kind of drunk feeling when i haven't eaten, it's lovely :) xx


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