Wednesday, April 4, 2012

just a quickie

today has been crazy busy and i am exhausted!!
so happy i dont have classes tomorrow! just got to pack up the last few things at the apartment and then clean up some and then i am off to see the hubby in our brand new house!! we bought a house!! it is just amazing :-) i love it!

food issues today: ate a god damn muffin. awful. 400 calories!!
lunch was a fiber one bar and a couple slices of deli chicken - 200
and then dinner was a tuna sandwich and small salad - 300
then i had a tiny bowl of ice cream! awful! 120
so i went just over 1000.... could have done better.
we had a field trip in my one class today though and we stopped at krispy kreme. no doughnuts for me thank you very much!! the only good food choice all day probably.

anyways... exercised a bunch. about 500 calories. i guess it isnt my usual but its better than lately.

well i am going to go to bed here soon and then wake up and get this stuff done tomorrow and head out to the house! it is like only 15 minutes from the beach! :-) 

ok girls! talk soon!!!


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  1. You must be very excited!! :D Good luck with the final stages of the move :D 15 mins to the beach sounds amazing!! It'll be brilliant when it's lovely and hot! xx


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