Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A beautiful tuesday!

hey ladies!!

how long has it been? are you all still here?
how do i have 101 followers even though i have neglected this blog so badly?

weight issues suck. i am no longer an inspiration for anyone.
117 for my hubby's homecoming. that was pretty good.
then of course it was seeing friends and family and celebrating and the whole nine yards and i just ate like mother fucker. great times though. so happy to have my hubby home!!
i swear he has developped an eating disorder too over this last year...
anyways we have a sort of bet going on right now... who can have the hottest beach bod by july 1st!
so i am trying to be awesome and do well this time. by well i mean get back to at least 115. i was 122.4 on sunday. the hubby is restricting my scale use again... only once a week. he tried to keep it to once a month! i think i would go crazy.
today's damage...
cereal and skim milk: 165
half a sandwich and 3 cheese curls: 160

I did a work out before lunch so that was maybe -200?

i am proud of myself though. i made a whole sandwich and small bowl of the cheese curls (to test my will power...) and i ate half the sandwich and only 3 cheese curls! it is like a huge feat these days!!

to skinnyness!!!!


  1. it was great to finally read a post!!! keep us updated on the hot bod contest lol

  2. It's good your in a contest! It'll keep up your mmotivation :) You'll have a hot body!! xx

  3. AHH we've missed you! At least a contest is easy motivation :P


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