Monday, July 9, 2012

disappearing girl

thats what my hubby called me today when i got on the scale...
my disappearing girl... down another pound. is what he said.

im at 115 :-) another goal down! 

and still going strong... and get this... not even calorie counting! thats never happened. 
i just eat a healthy breakfast at like 9am and then eat dinner at like 8pm and then go to bed. i work all day and that keeps me away from eating. i probably have been around 800 cals today i think but i havent been counting like crazy like before. 

anyways i got to go.

love you all!!!

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  1. You are SUCH an inspiration!
    If only I would even mildly disappear, it seems to hard at the moment :(

    Well done gorgeous!

    Si xx


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