Monday, July 2, 2012

Good evening ladies.

I really want to post a pick of my tattoo soon.... now its summer i get to show it off more :-) dali elephant on my back. 

the numbers just keep dropping. 

it is 8:45 and i have just been able to sit down today finally. i am pretty tired... but we have some couple friends coming over so i better wake up here... i might drink some monster rehab.... i love those! 

we are going to do a bon fire and grill out :-) i love grilling in the summer! 
4th of july is almost here! what are everyone's plans? my family is coming over and we are grilling, making smores in the fire pit and going somewhere for fireworks :-) 
its going to be a lot of fun! 

well i better get cutting up some zuchini for the grill and make sure the house is presentable... the hubby should be home soon with some fire wood :-)

love you ladies!!!
i feel like this is the one place i can just say whatever i want without any judgement. always feel relieved somehow after i post... weird right?

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  1. Please post a pic of your tattoo! Id love to see :) I just got a new one myself, they are sooo addictive xx


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