Thursday, July 12, 2012

family reunion

firstly... i am 114.4 thats another half pound gone. 
only 3.4 pounds from being underweight. these are my photos from when i was 110 in september 2011.

we leave tomorrow for the family reunion. i love our family reunions! and this is the second time the hubby has been able to make it!
i need to take pictures of our new house and puppy :-) since we are the first to get married... my grandparents have been giving us all of their stuff! they just moved and are getting rid of it all. its great! 

i work today and hopefully i will be making good money!! i live a military town and the first round got paid today! its always good tips on a pay day :-)

the not as good news... i scratched a pretty pretty decent spot on the back of my neck... looks like a burn so thats good. i have a good story... straightener. i hate that my hubbys job is so demanding sometimes. when i get home late from the restaurant... he's just too tired to have sex... today im working the day so hes got no excuses. oh that all sounds terrible. we just arent newly weds anymore i guess.

love you all!


  1. beautiful pic girly have fun at the Reunion I am not so fond of them just suck it up and go lol.

  2. awesome girl! keep it up. you are looking great! :D

  3. Have fun at your family reunion! You look amazing in those pictures, you should feel really proud that you are a lot of people's inspiration. Hope you and the hubby have some fun together ;)


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