Friday, July 13, 2012

a spoonful of sugar

i am undecided on my next tattoo... either dogwood flowers peeking over my other shoulder or a spoonful of a sugar a la Mary poppins (my favorite movie :-) ). i want to get some little scroll wrapped around the spoon handle but im not sure what to have on that yet... 

on weight notes... i am at 113 now! yesterday i ate my breakfast so slow that the granola in my greek yogurt got mushy and i couldnt finish it. then i didnt eat again until about 7 ish. we went out for mexican and i had a margarita about as big as my head! had to get some help on that! haha. anyways the food didnt sit so well... so i am down again today. :-) 2 pounds to my next goal!

well i am pretty tired... i need to take a nap... otherwise i will start eating. 
i dont work today since we are leaving this afternoon so i have the morning to get ready and i should have time for reading and commenting on your blogs :-)

love you girls!!!

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