Sunday, August 5, 2012

hunger is confusing

hey girlies!
the weigh-in... 111.6 :-)

so i went out with the guy from two posts ago... nothing happened just hung out. 
not sure about if ill do that again... at least just the two of us. 
might go to the beach tomorrow with ppl from work tomorrow but i dunno... it depends on when.
my sisters are coming in from out of town! it will be a fun girls time! they will get here in the mid afternoon so i dunno about the beach...
im actually kind of worried about going to the beach... the whole swimsuit issue. my ribs totally stick out like its cool and even the ribs in my back... i dont really want any "youre too skinny your bones are sticking out" comments you know? with clothes on it looks fine but without... i just dont know what other people would say or think. 

ok but enough of that... the title of my post! yesterday i had like half of breakfast and then didnt eat again until like 2 in the morning... i had some noodles. i just wasn't really hungry. like my stomach was making noises and all but my head just wasn't hungry. does that ever happen to you? then today... it is 1:30 in the afternoon and i have had like a handful of sweet potato fries and i pretty much had to force myself to do that. eating is making me feel nausous... and i didnt even drink last night! 
love you girls!!
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