Saturday, August 4, 2012


i got called a  twig today! felt kinda good suppose. but i still feel pretty gargantuan. the weigh-in brought me down to 112.8 only like a pound and a half until i reach that "underweight" bench mark. 
what people said about me at work today... (im a waitress)
5 yr kid: excuse me, excuse me... you are beautiful! 
random guy going to his table: sorry for staring, but i just think you are a beautiful woman
cook number 1: you are "fiiine" for a white girl 
cook number 2 (who i think is pretty damn hot (also covered in tattoos! yumm!!)): yeah you are fine for a white girl!
cook number 1 to cook number 3(the newbie) : don't you think she is fine?
cook number 3: you are beautiful
cook 2: but beautiful is different than fine
cook 3: no its not...
cook 1: yeah it is.

anyways... that was my day at work. the tips sucked but the compliments were nice. even if they were a little creepy from the random guy... guys with tattoos are just so smokin hot! 
oh cook number 2 has also told me many times that he is waiting for me (he is pretty sure my marriage wont last... which is pretty common around this military town) 
today he says he loves me. 
this guy is different from the one i was contemplating about yesterday... that one also has some sweet tattoos but he is not as smokin. 

todays food: some yogurt and cereal: 200
thats it... i went to work at 2:30 and got home at 10:00ish  
im about to down a huge glass of water, shower and watch some tv

love you alllll!!!!!
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  1. Guys with tattoos rock! They're so sexy ;) Compliments are fantastic! Take them all :) You must be looking thin to be called a twig!! xx


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