Friday, August 3, 2012

where does the time go sometimes?

hope you girls are all doing well!!!!!!!! i have missed you!! welcome back ascendancy!!! this post is going to be all over the place and random... please bear with me. my life is a little bit of a mess right now. well my brain is anyways

well i am still fluctuating around 113 (give or take half a pound each day...)
i am now studying to take the lsat in october! some formal logic for you gals:
if i eat i will get fat. if i am fat i will be unhappy. if i am happy then i am skinny. if i am skinny then i can wear those jeans that dont fit yet. if i can wear those jeans then i will be super hot. if i am super hot then all guys will want to be with me. so if i did not eat then all guys will want to be with me. 
i have started taking an lsat course so i can get a super awesome score and be a kickass lawyer. formal logic is the beginning of the course. and this is what i was thinking when doing my homework haha.

today i have eaten: 1/2 of a greek yogurt, some granola, a handful of chips, and a fiber one bar.
calories: 450
not so sure about my exercise... i might eat dinner later.... but for now i am sipping on a zero calorie monster... 

so i know you girls listen (and hopefully don't judge).... for the past couple weeks i have been coming so close to cheating on my hubby. i repeat... close. i have not done anything yet. 
sometimes i think i am like a sex addict or something. our schedules have been so opposite lately and i have been so horny. so i have almost been cheating on my hubby with this guy at work. 
i have cheated on him twice since we have been together sort of. first time with a drug dealer and second time with my best friend (yeah.. a girl). the second time i don't like to count since we have a threesome together and then he said it was ok to fool around with her while he was on deployment... weird understanding i know. he knows about all of it and our relationship is so strong!
now we have decided maybe we want to be swingers. we married young (three years and 3 months!) and want to have fun but still want to be with each other forever. (both of our ideas... he has never cheated). 
anyways.. i just wanted to get that off my chest and write it out so i can think about it more clearly. 
love you all!! 

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  1. yay, you're back! :) sounds like you've got a lot on your mind. i hope everything sorts out. <3


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