Friday, August 10, 2012

they just keep coming

i apologize in advance for the scatter brained post.
the weigh in: 111 :-) another goal!! 
today i am going shopping!! none of my clothes fit right anymore... my jeans are too loose, my skirts fall off, and my shirts are sooo baggy. i will update my measurements here in a minute. 
the guy i almost fooled around with the other day... he asked me what size i was when he noticed how baggy my clothes were and i honestly had no idea! 
i got asked out three times yesterday! by three different guys! i guess my hard work is paying off for something... 
the hubby and i decided to have an open relationship a couple days ago. we are already in a sort of threesome but now anyone is up for grabs. now i dont have to feel bad about fooling around with that guy i talked about before.
we know we are each others number one but we got married at 19 and we just dont want to have any regrets... we are 3 and a half years married :-)

yesterday the only thing i ate was a toaster struedel!! still haven't eaten either... i guess im fasting but i didnt even plan on it... 

studying for the lsat is going well except the strengthen/weaken questions.... those are hard.

my best friend is arriving today for the weekend! i cant wait! i will have to be careful and save my calories for some drinks!! doesn't take much these days :-) i was drunk off like one beer the other day haha i dont mind though :-) less calories!! 

love you all!!!
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