Tuesday, January 31, 2012

you're looking skinny like a model with your eyes all painted black

listened to that bright eyes song a few days ago. i want to look skinny like a model...

I AM 120.2!!!! Only 0.2 from that first goal!!! Yay!!! 

OMG!! I am having trouble sitting still now and forget about sleep.... i'm all jittery and i just can't do anything about it. (in regards to hubby coming home!)

odd note: somehow my ribs show and my hipbones too... how does that happen when i am this fat? 
Bust: 33.5 (down 0.5)
Waist: 23.75 (down 0.25)
Hips: 32 (no change)
Butt: 35 (down 1.5!!)
Thighs: 20.5 at top, 19.25 in the middle, 16 right above knee (down 1.0 on top and 0.25 in middle)
Calves: 14 at widest point... (no change)

3.5 inches for 3 pounds lost.... Is that normal? 

My tiniest waist was 22 inches. I want that back :-)
Ok enough for now... 

Love you allll!!!!!!


  1. Ohmygosh SO CLOSE YOU CAN DO THIS!!! You'll definitely get there hun! wow, i was asking the same question today too lol. I actually went on yahoo answers to ask if fat ppl can see their ribcages as well lol. They said that when chubby ppl suck in their stomachs they might be able to see a faint outline but it all depends on where the fat is distributed. And ur not fat hun! Seriously i would do anything to be 120lbs! congrats on the measurement loss! Stay strong<3

  2. You can do this!! You know you can :D Your hubby is going to LOVE YOU!! xx


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