Monday, October 8, 2012

for realsies?

this post wouldnt post last night... also didnt save right but i dont feel like re-writing it...

ok so i know my posts seem to be sporadic but i do always seem to come back...

biggest news i guess would be that i took the gre and lsat and now i am applying to law schools!! kinda exciting! 
i also got my belly button pierced :-)
bad news... i am back to 117... blerg. i am having trouble not having easy access to a scale... back living with the parents until i finish out the semester

new stuff: took the gre and lsat. i am applying to law school! fun stuff!
     got my belly button pierced! super cute! 
     things are good with the hubby again
     did not sleep with that guy although i was wanting to
     back up to 117 ugh. i really cant live without a scale and still stay skinny
     back to self-harming... i dont know why but i do not like that word... but i cant saying cutting since i dont really cut any more.... no knife or blade... ive started using my fingernails. its less obvious but still effective. this time its on the back of my neck... have i mentioned my hair is like super long now! i have finally gotten it as long as i have always wanted! back to the "cutting"... it just seems to calm me down and let me forget about things. 

love you all!!


  1. I know its almost like a stress relief! Stay Strong!! xxxx

  2. Self harm is such a relieving thing...totally understand that :( xx

  3. Congrats on the LSAT! I took mine in October too, I don't know about you but I am so glad it's over :)


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