Tuesday, October 9, 2012

good morning my lovelies!!

woke up this morning and my stomach is nice and flat today! made me happy. it had been all bloaty lately but i think now i am back to restricting it will stay nice and flat.

last night at dinner somehow i got a stomach ache like for real after i had finished eating my vegetables... i didn't even have to touch the risotto! i just waited for everyone to finish and went back up to my room! Instead of the 1200 calories probably on my plate... i only ate the peas and a couple bites of the pork! so maybe 200 calories tops. 

to all of you who binge/purge... here's a little real life pit fall... today i am going to the dentist to get a crown! yup only 23 and getting a crown. after years and years of purging and purging i definitely weakened my teeth and last week i was eating some pita chips and hummus and my tooth cracked! after work today its off to the dentist for 3 hours of misery. the only thing that isnt so bad is ill be taking a valium so im less anxious... i did however finally find a dentist i like! too bad he is here by parents and not by my actual house with my hubby! :-( ok enough pity me... please stop purging girls! 

food plan:
breakfast: coffee and half pack of belvita 130
snack: half banana 50
lunch: carrots, cherry tomatoes and hummus 125
snack: maybe greek yogurt but i will probably be too anxious to eat before the dentist
dinner: none - i will hopefully not be eating after the dentist just come home and sleep

love you girls!! have a wonderfully skinny day!!!

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  1. Good luck at the dentist :) lucky your stomach is flat.


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