Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my favorite show starts soon!

my favorite tv show is law and order svu and yes it is starting like now!!
its time for boots again!!!

intake not as great today... 
breakfast: pineapple greek yogurt : 160
snack: half banana : 45
lunch: carrots, grape tomatoes and hummus : 150
snack: some rice with carrots, tofu and soy beans : 200
dinner: salad, pierogies, pork : 450!! ahhhhh
total: 1050 :-(

should have taken a nap instead of snacking on that rice dish...

got lots done today though.... 
and i got my boots back from the cobbler! they look perfect :-)

ok svu on now!!!
love you all!! i will comment during commercials!

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  1. I love SVU!!!!

    Sounds like you did great today, dont beat yourself up over your intake, least you didnt go over 1200, now thats a bad day.

    Keep strong!


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