Saturday, October 29, 2011

Doing good

Well I lost two pounds with during my period. 

Do you ever wonder what the effects of our disorders will have on our lives in the future? I always do but then I never seem to really give it up. 

Anyways I am in a great mood today! I only have one test next week! :-)

Going to church tonight. Looking forward to it.

I think I will go to the gym for a quick workout today. I am doing a 5K run tomorrow for a charity for down syndrome.

Then halloween!! We are being aliens... shiny boots, leggings and lots and lots of glitter! :-)

Love you all!!! I will try and read and comment on this week! It might take a couple days to get through everyone :-)



  1. Its weird, I always think about what will happen in the future with this disorder (like, when I'm way older), but somehow it never makes me want to stop. I think it's just part of the whole mindset.

    Have fun doing the run, and on halloween!!! The alien costume idea sounds fun :) Stay strong, lovely <3

  2. congrats on the weight loss!! I never really thought about the future, but I find that as I get older it's harder not easier like I had thought it would be. My growing concern with this food issue is with my daughters, I don't want them to ever ever ever have to deal with this. Good for you for doing that charity run - I think more needs to be done for Down's syndrome :) If you don't mind my asking , what church do you go to?

    Any way, have fun on Halloween, and stay strong!!


  3. I never think about the future, just about now, the future scares that shit out of me! Have fun with the charity run :) xx


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