Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I have to go to work. I only have 3 shifts left since I quit. My last day is saturday. I can't wait. It is my senior year at university and I need to be able to focus on my classes more. I wish I could just stop going to work now. I just have no motivation for it now that I know I am quitting and I never really liked the job to begin with.
Oh well... Just stick it out.

I go shopping every thursday for groceries. I allow myself up to $50 a week. For this past week I only spent 27 :-) I hope to stick around that again tomorrow. I save so much not buying meat and dairy stuff. I think I may try to be vegetarian again. I will start small again. I will start with no red meat. Since I already do not eat fish or pork. Then once I am good without red meat I will move on to poultry. Then eggs and gelatin. Well at least until my hubby comes home in only 3 and half months! I can't wait!! 

Ok I really have to go. I am already late for work. I just don't care anymore. My boss would probably still give me an amazing review even if I came late and left early everyday. Which I will probably do today. Blah. Stupid work.

stay strong girls!! 

I will post some workout ideas later! I have been having trouble getting to the gym lately so these will be at home workouts! 


  1. Wow, $27 on groceries is amazing. My parents always spend around $150 or more... I'd love to hear you're workout ideas. :)
    Stay strong. <3

  2. Hope your alright and happy! Only 3 more days left, thats not bad at all, then your free! :) Can't wait for the workout ideas! xx

  3. Ahh you quit tomorrow. :) Then you are free forever!
    $27 is pretty good to spend on groceries. I probably spend a similar amount when I go shopping. Well in GBP lol. xx

  4. You're truly an icon here. hehe.
    I've been reading your blog for a while. I love your tips, diets and ideas. Only today tho I decided to start my own. I used to have a fashion blog but then realized there is no fashion for fat girls! oh well.... I begin a new journey and I would love for u to join me :)
    Drop by when u get the chance.



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