Monday, October 24, 2011

You all amaze me!

You really do all amaze me. We all have such a great strength when we put our strengths together! I also have no idea how i now have 77 followers? I hope I don't disappoint too much?

Here are the long promised exercises::

Target the butt:
1- on all fours you alternate kicking out opposite leg and arm. This will help with balance and strengthen your gluttes. I like to put on ankle weights to burn more cals and speed up the toning process.
2- standing up, you may need a chair or something to balance. lift your leg to the side, slowly. hold it in the air for 4 to 8 seconds before lowering. try to tense up your stomach muscles to strengthen the core and get ready for not using a balance. 
3- spread leg squats are a great one for the gluttes. get in a second position (ballet) and do a whole bunch of squats pausing when you get to 90 degree angles at your knees. when you go to push yourself back up try to feel the conscious rotation from your hips down to your knees and feet. turn out starts at the hips. only turn out your knees and feet as your hips allow.

Target the stomach:
2- crunches of course.
3- just try to consciously tense up your stomach muscles trying to bring your belly button inward to touch your back... also try to bring your ribs in with it in a curling motion inward... hard to explain. doing this enough will make it so your are doing it without thinking and then you will look smaller :-) 

Target the thighs:
1- leg lefts of any kind are great as long as you do them with control. control is always key. just throwing your legs around will not tone you up... 
2- walking. up hill, down hill, or flat ground. Walking tones all parts of your legs.
3- Marching in place while watching tv is pretty good.
4- or lay on your bed so your knees and below are off the bed, on your stomach. and flutter kick... helps tone the thighs. ankle weights are helpful to feel the burn faster. 

Hope these are helpful....? Sorry to rush off but i have 3 tests this week. i was taking 7 classes this semester and finished one so now i am down to six. it is still a lot of work. 

Thank you for all of your continued support!! I love you all!!


  1. You have 77 followers because your amazing! :) Good luck with work :( xx

  2. I think I'm going to get off my lazy ass right now and go do those exercises, thanks :) Good luck with those tests :/

  3. those exercises sound pretty good, thanks :)

  4. hula hoop!? haha no wayyyy! thats awesome! Thank you for your comment! I will let you know how those pills work.
    I hope to be an inspiration like you one day! 77 followers, thats amazing ;)

  5. Those look like good exercises. I love hula hooping, it can help tone your entire body if you learn a few tricks. :)
    Stay strong. <3

  6. thank you for this post, I love your blog!

  7. The exercises sound awesome - thanks so much! <3


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