Tuesday, October 4, 2011

just a quick update

I know i have been sort of non-existent on here lately... i am sorry. i have still been reading your blogs here and there and commenting a little. 
i am so off track it is crazy! well I was. I am starting to get back where i need to be going but it will be weeks before i am back to 110. i am actually 118 right now! how awful! I gained 8 pounds in September. I had been bingeing super crazy and exercising like half of what I should have been doing. 
So i need to take small steps to get back on track. this bingeing thing kills me. last night i finally broke the binge cycle. weeks of binging. how did i do this? by not going to the grocery store. i have no junk food in my house. i have no meat. i have no white carbs. 
i have: quinoa, parmesan cheese, lettuce, carrots, and thats about it! The only way to really get back on track right now is to have no temptations. 
only 4 months left before my hubby comes home and i need to be so skinny and amazing looking! he has become like so muscly and all and here i am fatso fatso fatso. 
soo... can i lose 13 pounds in 4 months? That is like just over 3 pounds a month. sounds pretty do-able. 
i will post again when i lose a pound... when i am 117. I am only going to allow myself to post when i have lost a full pound.
love you all!!
i will keep reading and commenting as i can!!!

breakfast: water!
lunch: coffee! and some carrots.
dinner: quinoa perhaps.


  1. aww. so that's why you've been away so long. :( {missed ya.}

    hurry and lose that pound! :3

  2. I've missed you sweetie!!! I know you can reach your goal in time. I feel like I'm in a boat kinda close to yours. We can do this together. My goal is still to reach 100 by Holidays. I have to lose 10 lbs. I keep going between 105 and 109. It is soo annoying.
    Hope to hear more from you. Email me. Or, I'll send you one:D

  3. I am glad you are back...I know how you feel I wasted away the summer by being lazy and now I am paying for it before winter hits and I put on my winter weight lol. Hope things start looking up for you keep posting we are here for you

  4. 3 pounds a month is definatly do-able :) You can do it! I have missed your blogging, so don't leave again ! :L x

  5. Missed u!! i know you can do it :) don't stay gone to long.I love your blog Good luck <3

  6. At least you have plenty of time to lose the weight. I'm wanting to lose about 6 lbs in 2 weeks. 3 lbs a month will be easy once the binging is over. And it sounds like you've figured out how to try to fix that. No food means nothing to binge on. Good luck!

  7. Nom! I love quinoa! You've got this in the bag girl!

  8. I've missed seeing a post from you! You can definitely lose 3lbs a month. :) xxx


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