Thursday, October 6, 2011

Salut mes filles!

Gooood morning!! Sorry it took a little longer than expected... And i am not even down a whole pound... almost though. 117.2 is still moving in the right direction and I can't leave you ladies too long. 
I am glad you all like to read my blog and I can't believe I have 67 followers!? How did that happen when I have been so non-existent lately? Anyways... Welcome ladies! I always read and comment my new followers! 

So the new TJ Maxx and Target opened this week! Well TJ Maxx opened this morning and yes I was there at 8am when it opened! I got a free little bag :-) Awesome! I love that store! I got this adorable pair of gray steve madden heels and a new bra! unfortunately i am down to an A cup :-( that is the bad thing about losing weight... So i got a push up bra and hopefully that will make them look bigger. 

I think I will do some thinspo searching today since I am on break and I have lots of spare time! 

My apartment is spotless! last night i was craving food just in general any kind of food. so what did I do? I cleaned. I even scrubbed the tile floors! This was in the middle of the night... i had woken up and for some reason had tons of energy so i just cleaned and cleaned until there was nothing left to clean... Then I went back to sleep feeling much better. 

Todays plan:
Go grocery shopping with a list. I have the list: fruit, veggies, fiber cereal, 40-calorie bread loaf, honey, lemon juice, eggs and butter. I have to get the eggs and butter for girl night tomorrow night. We are making halloween cupcakes :-) I will try to limit myself to just one cupcake.  I also want to get some parsley and mint. I think I will make some tabouleh with the quinoa and then I can have that and it won't be too high cal for lunches. 
That is all I need and I really want to stick to it. 

Tutor this kid in Chemistry.

Take the dog to the park for a walk. I am going to do this after I finish this post... The weather is beautiful!!

Ok sorry for the long post... I will try to get the thinspo pics up this afternoon and I have more things to talk about but I need to go for this walk the dog is crazy if he doesn't get his exercise and it will be good for me too!


p.s. - new followers i will read and comment you this afternoon! old friends i will also read and comment! like i said I have lots of time :-)

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