Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good Feelings

When the day is as beautiful as this why would I be unhappy? The leaves on the trees are gorgeous and colorful and the sky is crazy blue! I just love it :-)

Also calories burned so far today : 160
Calories consumed today: 150

In the negative so far.

So my dog has this weird obsession with eating the stuffing out of his bed... I keep putting it back in and sewing it up but he just keeps chewing it and taking the stuffing out. Its weird. So I think he will have to make due with sleeping on a blanket in his crate...

so i learned this today in biology: as anorexics we do not consume enough calcium and so our body needs to find it elsewhere. our body goes to our bones and actually digests the calcium out of our bones. so we are losing bone mass as we eat less and less. then when the body does eat some calcium the stomach will make sure to keep all of that calcium and then there will be an excess of calcium and you end up with kidney stones! just an interesting body fact. (I kind of concluded also that our bones will be thinner and so we will weigh less? I understand that this is a bad thing.)

Hope The Day Is going Great For Everyone


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  1. Awwhh your dog sounds cute :) And yes! I try to drink a little milk or shakes, just to help my bones as they are brittle anyway. I'm following you now too :) xx


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