Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Review

Calorie Intake: kind of bad today...

5 spoons of nonfat plain yogurt with some granola
salad: lettuce, tomato, havarti cheese (0.5 ounce), some sprays of dressing (the one cal per spray stuff)
some pretzel crackers and cream cheese
fiber one bar
4 bites of chicken and 1/3 cup cooked rice.

Intake: 615

Calorie Expenditure: 250

Total : 365

I did not plan on having the chicken and rice but my inlaws kind of made me. I live with my inlaws btw... long story really but i am living with them while i am in school and then i live with my husband on the weekends until i finish school.
so today i walked instead of taking the bus from my car to campus - its about a mile and a quarter one way. So two and a half miles just for that. I also took the stairs: my classes today were on the 5th and 3rd floors. I was pretty proud of that. I was pretty out of breath going up 5 flights of stairs but i will get used to it.
also i had this thought today: maybe if i smile every time i get a hunger pang i will end up liking them after a while. if i think about it... each hunger pang is like a little bit of weight i am losing.
so i watched skins today... my favorite episode: cassie from season one. then i tried watching the finale of the first one. it really just depressed me for some reason. i am not sure why. so i have decided not to watch that for a while. i used to watch it in england when it was new and i loved it. so i am not sure why it affected me weird today.
well i have an early morning so i am going to bed soon.

Hope All Is well!     <3

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