Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Wednesday

peanut butter toast : 150
sandwich : 125
low cal granola bar : 90
carrots : 10
apple : 40
some low fat ham slices : 35 ( i know i didnt plan this... blerg)
blueberry granola bar : 90
Total : 540

out take : 601!

TOTAL : -61. In the negative yet again! 

I can't believe i have 6 followers already! Makes me happy :-)

Oh and guess what?! 118 pounds today!! Also makes me happy

And im sore from yesterdays working out :-)

bad news... so i packed myself food for the day. lunch and dinner. i packed a sandwich, carrots, apple, small low cal granola bar and a blueberry granola bar. i know it sounds like a lot. but i always burn the most calories on wednesdays i feel like. i ate the sandwich, carrots, and granola bar for lunch! i feel so fat right now. 
i have a 2 hour class now and then a 3 hour class! ugh. i hate wednesdays.
let's just hope i can squeeze in some more calorie burning!
at least i dont have options for dinner haha. 
well i better get going.
hope everyone is doing well! 

I will write more later maybe but i have night classes today so i am not sure. 

here's the more:
class was so boring and long. i am so glad lab is over now. also excited for the long break coming up!
well i am going to read your posts and then go to sleep :-)



  1. Well it sounds like you need the energy, so I wouldn't worry too much about the food! You don't want to be falling asleep in class or anything LOL. And what you packed sounds really healthy, so that is a bonus. Stay strong xoxo

  2. Goodness :( thats a lot of wrk for a wednesday! You need energy! Lots of energy drinks! :) xx

  3. I like your blog so far. Awesome thinspo! I just started a blog too, check it out if you want :)


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