Monday, November 15, 2010


its a word i have adopted from 30 Rock.

so today has been horrible and i dont want to talk about it really but if i do then i can realize how disgusting i am and be better tomorrow.

oatmeal (130)
soup and salad (100)
a few chocolates (180!)
cookies (200)
another salad (50 because of cheese)
a biscuit (65)
peanut butter on toast (115)
TOTAL : 840!
I havent done this bad in a week!
oh and to top it off my other half will be home late. dinner is in the oven and i will have to eat it. blerg.

out take: 300 awful.


for some reason i have been really tired today. i meant to clean the whole house but ended up only doing the living room, bedroom and part of the kitchen. at least i got the laundry done.

tomorrow will be better because i will be incredibly busy. i will try to get on here but im not promising anything.

stay strong people!!!!


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