Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Nightly

So firstly...
If I am thin enough I will save money on shaving cream because there will be less to shave.
If I am thin enough people will use me as thinspiration
If I am thin enough I can wear anything I want and look damn good in it

So I picked up the dress and veil and garter! The lady who helped me do up the dress kept asking if i had lost weight :-) Somehow I think I have lost weight but also my boobs seem way huge! I swear when its almost that time of the month my boobs grow at least a cup size! Its crazy

So I am watching gossip girl and wishing it were a new episode... 

oatmeal : 120
Sandwich : 135
snack of ham and low fat cream cheese : 45
roasted chestnuts : 150 (i know i shouldn't have but yummy)
4 bites of chicken, fresh green beans, 2 slices of bread : 275! awful
Total : 725

Out take : 567

TOTAL : 158

At least I got a lot of exercise in! I took both of the dogs on a walk today. It sure is a workout for my arms!

Hope everyone is well!!
I am not sure when I will get on next because of Thanksgiving but maybe I might squeeze some time in tomorrow.... Then who knows.


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